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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

Double Life – Season 1 – Episode 7

Chapter Seven
“come on wife allow your daughter she is not a baby anymore, after all if she was in school would you stop her from going “
“that’s different what will she be doing in a university environment for five days ,she is not receiving any lectures, what will the Luna girl be doing? Skipping lectures cos she is there with her? I don’t have a good feeling about it husband ”
“you are always having bad feelings about something, this your daughter here she is an adult, some of her mates are even married “ dad said
“but she is not married and she is under my roof “mum retorted
I stood there staring at them arguing, I looked at my brothers they were making funny faces
I rolled my eyes at them.
“naughty boys, you can’t greet your elder sister ,do we look like mates? “I whispered yelled at them
They murmured good evening Eliana at the same time.
I don’t have time for children, I ignored their greeting and faced the direction of my parents.
“sweetheart let her go, she has a phone, we can call at intervals if you want ,allow her to see what university looks like ,its just this once”
“okay then, I will make sure I call all the time and you call me too” mum said facing me this time
Thanks mum I rushed to hug them both.
I was so glad they let me.
Dubai here I come…

“Luna how long are we going to continue to wait for these men, they told us to wait for them here since two hours ago” I said.
“Calm down, they will be here” Luna replied
We were seated in a fancy restaurant with our bags, Chief Badmus had called me earlier that I should wait for him here, that he would come to pick us from here to the airport.
I had left home, my parents and my brother bidding me farewell, I was so excited that I would have the fun of my life.
When I came here I met Luna sitting down and waiting saying her own man told her to wait here too.
I was becoming impatient.
“I hope these men has not ditched us “ I said out loud
“why would you think a thing like that “ as Luna replied me I looked at the door to the restaurant ,I saw Chief and his friend smiling towards us.
“sorry we kept you girls waiting “ he said .
I sighed a sigh of relief.
“Let’s order something to eat first our flight is for 1pm,we still have little time on our side “Chief Badmus said while his friend Chief Tony agreed.
So we ordered for food and drinks and we ate silently.
Chief Badmus kept looking at me and smiling while chief Tony kept looking at Luna and smiling.
Why was he smiling like that, guess he is thinking of many different ways he was going to have sex with me “pervert “ ,the last one was really fun though, I didn’t know I would have so much fun by being chained to the bed.
Chief Badmus checked his wristwatch
“its time girls, let’s go” snapping me out of my thoughts ,I looked at Luna with the “are you ready look” and she gave me the “I am ready look”.
We stood up and carried our bags following them like sheep following it’s Shepherd.
Chief Tony held Luna by the waist and Chief Badmus held me by the waist. I walked majestically yes my man was holding me and he was taking me to Dubai to spoil me silly.
Life couldn’t be more sweet.
I got into Chief Badmus car and Luna got into chief Tony car.
And then we zoomed off.
Twenty minutes into the drive I began feeling sleepy, maybe its cos I ate too much I thought to myself.
“Chief are we almost at the airport” I asked yawning
“Not yet, but we will get there in time for our flight baby, just relax “ he touched my thighs rubbing it gently.
I dozed off when I could no longer hold myself.

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