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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

Double Life – Season 1 – Episode 6

Chapter Six
“Chief told me to come to Dubai with him, I am going to go, I must find a way” I said to my friend Luna
“Really, mine also said the same thing” she said grinning.
“you mean we are traveling together to Dubai” I screamed
“yes we both are” she screamed hugging me and jumping up excitedly.
I had known Luna for a long time now, we attended the same church, she was unserious as I am with church activities, she was a university student, and we were age mates.
She had introduced me to her kind of life style and I loved it, the lifestyle of meeting rich men and having sex.
I and Luna shared the same belief so we hit it off as soon as we met in one of the youth programs in church.
“I don’t know what to tell mum and dad now, I think I am running out of lies”
“you just have to start thinking about it now, cos you must go”
“you lucky you are in school, no need for you to lie, but for me I would have to lie to leave the house ,I really wish I was in school already, I just wish I passed my entrance exams” I said looking sad
“leave that matter now, we have to start thinking of a lie for you, what was the lie you told them before you came with me to the club last week? “
“I told my mum that sister Esther was helping me with my books to pass the next entrance exams” I replied
“Sister Esther the chorister? “she asked laughing
“yes” I responded laughing too
“Okay ,I just hope she doesn’t find out, all these our parents can surprise us at times” she said
“well you tell her that you want to visit me in school that I invited you over”
“would my parents agree to that? Especially my mum?”
“girl you are 18,you not a baby after all you are supposed to be in the university, she should let you breathe please” Luna said rolling her eyes.
“I would try but I don’t think they would let me, but I would try”
“come on ,you have to try, it’s next week so start trying now”
“okay babe, I have to go, its getting late, see you later “ I said hugging her and leaving for home.
When I got home, I met mum and dad and the twins sitting in the parlour watching TV.
“gosh! was it a family meeting?” I whispered
“good evening dad and mum”
“good evening dear so how was your outing with your friend? “mum asked
Yes I would use this opportunity to tell her about me visiting Luna in school.
“it was fine mum, but mum I would like to go to visit Luna in her school, I want to see what is like to be a university student, you know I am supposed to be in school now” I said trying to convince my mum
“how many days do you wanna stay” dad asked
“four to five days maybe a week,” I said
“No way you aren’t going anywhere “ mum quickly chipped in as if she just woke up from slumber

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