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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

Double Life – Season 1 – Episode 5

Chapter Five
Elaina POV
“Ah, Chief, what are you trying to do” I asked as I saw Chief Badmus bring out hand and leg chains.
We were at his hotel room.
He picked me up from the club party .
It was almost midnight when we reached the hotel room.
I had enjoyed the party I drank and ate anything of my choice.
I met so many rich men and I collected one or two contacts. Luna did too.
He walked up to me when I was sipping wine with Luna ,he asked me to be his girl for the night and that he would pay me handsomely.
I was so glad and I followed him, he also promised to buy me anything of my choice and take me with him to Dubai for shopping.
I screamed my lungs out when I heard Dubai. I had always wanted to go there.
I thought about my parents and how I would lie to them again.
Well , when the time come we will cross the bridge.
I was ready to anything Chief wanted me to do but when I saw chains I gasped.
“relax Baby girl ,you will enjoy it, I will just chain your hands and legs to the bed while your legs are spread apart, I will gibe you a good time, trust me you will experience what you will never forget in a hurry” he said grinning from ear to ear.
I hope I won’t regret this, I had never been chained to the bed before. I looked at Chief again ,I saw him removing his clothes the next thing he climbed beside me ,he started kissing me ,I responded.
He kissed my breasts and Began sucking my nipples roughly ,funny enough I was enjoying the kisses, he went down to my vagina and began licking and sucking my clitoris.
I could not do anything with my hands or legs I just screamed out of excitement and I moved my waist upwards and downwards
“oh lord, what is this” I cried out.
“Yes baby moan for me” he said as he continued with his tongues inside my vagina his fingers on my clitoris and the other hand on one of my breast.
This was heaven.
What other thing is as sweet as this.
I moaned and cried and screamed as I reached orgasm.
He was not done yet.
He brought out his very large penis,
“my God this is huge”
“yes baby and you are going to suck it, I am going to fuck your mouth”
“at least Chief loose me, so that I can use my hands” I said
“no baby, I will fuck you don’t worry about your hands”
I was in for it this night.
He put his penis deep into my mouth and I gagged, my hands and legs were chained I couldn’t move them, he began sliding in and out ,he was actually fucking my mouth.
Who does this?
My eyes were wide in shock as he continued to thrust in and out .
How was this man enjoying himself…I thought.
I started hearing his moans, was he going to come inside my mouth?
He pulled out and slide into my vagina.
I was glad he had left my mouth, I was already feeling irritated.
I felt his huge and hard dick deep inside my vagina, it was fucking good to have something this huge inside of me.
He began banging fast.
He moaned ,I moaned .
Our cries filling up the whole room. It was as if someone would knock on the door to tell us to stop the noise.
We both climaxed together, panting hard.
That was one hell of an experience.

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