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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

Double Life – Season 1 – Episode 4

Chapter Four
Eliana sat on her bed thinking about how to tell another lie, her friend Luna had just told her that there was going to be big boys party at the famous club down town this night. It was an all night party.
How would she attend? What was she going to tell her parents?
She wished she was in university already, she was tired of all these lies and pretending stuffs.
She had not passed the university entrance exams again this year she had to try next year again. She was not interested in studying. its just that her parents said she must be a graduate else. She would have been content with just her high school certificate and just marry a rich man who would take care of her and her needs.
“being a graduate is not the guarantee to success “she whispered as she stood up from her bed. She had to find a suitable lie to tell this time.
For the mean time she scrolled through her wardrobe in search of a seductive gown to wear.
Luna had said that there were rich men of all caliber, she just have to hook up with one, Timmy money was not enough for her. She needed more.
“Yes, this is one” she whispered screamed as she held a green strapless short gown .
She packed her make up and clothes into her bag, she was going to get dressed from Luna’s house.
Now what was she going to tell her mum, her dad had travelled for a business meeting.
“good evening mum”
“good evening my daughter “
“mum can I speak with you “Eliana said as she sat on her mum’s bed, she had decided to go to her mum’s room to speak with her
“mummy please ,I want to go see my friend Esther, you know sis Esther in church, the one that sings”
“yes I know her, so what do you want to see her for? “ she asked raising her eye brows
“mum don’t be like that ,I am an adult now, I just want her to guide me, you know I have been having difficulties in passing university entrance exams and she is already attending the same university I am interested in ,she could really be of help, maybe we could pull an all night, cos I really wanna pass this time” she said putting up a sad face.
“Oh my daughter, I understand how you feel but the entrance exams is next year ,you have failed this year’s own, is it not too early to study?”
“mum it’s not too early, I have been doing that exams for three years now, I don’t want to take chances anymore, it’s not too early at all, all my mates are already in school and here I am “she said pouting
“Its okay dear, you can go but I would need to call her parents I don’t want it to be as if we are disturbing them”
“bursted! Why is this woman being smart now” she thought
“Mum don’t worry about that we can take care of ourselves there is no need involving parents in this we are adults mum”
“okay,okay,take care of yourself and don’t be shy if you need anything you can ask me”
“thanks mum, and we would also pray together cos really there is nothing God can not do”
“yes, that’s my Christian daughter, I love you”
“I love you too mum, I have to be on my way now, see you tomorrow mum “Eliana said as she walked out of her mummy room excited.
“going somewhere again ”Peter and Paul said simultaneously.
“little demons “she whispered and hissed as she walked to her room.
There was no point in exchanging words with those brats. She took her bag and left the house
Eliana boarded a cab to Luna place .
“Thought you won’t make it again” Luna said as she hugged Elaina.
“why wont I ? Who would miss such a party?”
“glad you know how important this party is ,we are going to meet very rich men that will spoil us silly”
“yeah you said so”
“Come on lets get dressed and head out, we need to get there on time “

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