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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

Double Life – Season 1 – Episode 3

Chapter Three
Eliana saw her mum’s eyes blazing anger. She was shocked, scared that she had been caught, of course there was no youth meeting whatsoever.
Did her mum go to the church?
Did anyone call her?
Did she see her in Timmy car?
All those questions flashed through her mind, her heart was beating fast, she didn’t know what would happen.
She had to compose herself, she would always find a way out of it.she was that smart.
“Where are you coming from my dutiful Eliana” her mum asked holding her phone in her hands and trying not to jump into conclusions yet.
Eliana stood there in silence looking for what to say.
“I ask you again, where are you coming from “ Mrs. Cole said with evident anger in her voice.
“Oh no, mum is definitely angry, what do I say now” Eliana thought
“Mum I told you I was going for youth meeting ,why are you suddenly angry with me?” I decided to answer her with a question.
“you are asking me why I am angry with you?, I didn’t train you to be such a liar, I just got off the phone with Pastor and he said there was no meeting in church today or where else do you people hold youth meeting? “
“oh mum, you should have just asked me where we held our meeting, instead of sounding so angry, the meeting was not held in church, it was held in Sis Esther house, it was just we the executives, we had an urgent meeting to start planning on the youth programme coming up soon” I lied
“Really, wow, I am so sorry I thought you have started lying to me, Pastor won’t have known about the meeting anyway since its just the executives, its all good, I know I can always trust you to be a good girl” mum said hugging her
Thank God she was not smelling of anything unusual and her mum believed in her big lie.
“Woops ,that was close” Eliana muttered to herself as she hurriedly walked to her room.
“See who they have been worried about “one said
“I don’t know why they worry about her when we are here “the other chuckled
Those were Eliana twin brothers, Peter and Paul, they have never liked her, cos they felt mum and dad cared for her so much and she never liked them cos she felt they took all the attention from mum and dad.
The twins were both 9 Years old, and Eliana was 18 Years old.Mr. and Mrs. Cole waited for good nine Years before they could conceive of the twins. It was great joy then that they celebrated the twins in a grand style.
Mrs. Cole spoilt the boys, she gave them all her attention and other materials things.
Mr. Cole was not left behind in giving all his time, money and attention to his boys.
Eliana felt left out and neglected , so she sought for love and attention outside from friends that was when she began to live a wayward life.
“Hit your heads on the wall, silly boys” she said and opened the door to her room.
She had a lot to deal with, she didn’t have time for those little brats .
She changed her wears to her night wear and went to grab dinner.
She got to the kitchen and found that there was no food.
“mum didn’t keep any meal for me, no its impossible “ she whispered
“yeah mum did but we ate it all” those little voices said
“are you two not going to sleep, what are you two still doing awake?”
They laughed and went back to their rooms
“Weird kids, I guess I would just make Quaker oats and go to sleep” she thought.

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