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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

Double Life – Season 1 – Episode 2

Chapter Two
“fuck me hard…give it to me…harder and faster” the voice coming from the TV said.
Eliana loved to watch porn cos it turns her on, she love to go wild whenever she had sex and Timmy knew so he always put it on whenever she was around.
“Oh baby I love your tits they are fucking huge” another voice said.
“Press it , squeeze it, suck it, its all yours” the female voice said.
Eliana began to pull of her clothes she was engrossed in what she was watching soon she began to touch herself.
Timmy watched her , he was pleased with what he was seeing ,he walked closer to her and began touching her boobs pressing and squeezing it as it was on done on the screen.
“Ahh,yeaa baby touch me “ she said as she held Timmy by the waist, he was standing in front of her while she was sitting down on the bed.
Soon he fell on top of her and began kissing her vigorously , passionately, she moaned in between kisses she held his neck as day kissed on.
Timmy began trailing cases down her neck to her collarbone, he found her breast and suck the hell out of it .
Eliana cried out.
“Oh dear ,I love it, I love your mouth on my nipples, please don’t stop”
Timmy continued sucking and licking her boobs.
He caressed her thighs and spread her legs apart ,inserted his fingers into her wet pussy and began flickering her clitoris.
“Ahhhhh,ohhhhh,Timmyyyyyy” another Loud cry emerged .
Timmy didn’t want to stop he liked as she moaned , it made him more energized and gave him the confidence to carry on, then she climaxed.
He got up to remove his trousers and shirt and then he boxers, he switched off the TV, he wanted to hear Eliana’s voice only.
He made Eliana to be on fours, he found her pussy facing him all wet, he inserted his penis inside and that caused Eliana to jerk up.
“Oh no I love that feeling”
Timmy began to pound hard and fast ,he was enjoying the friction, he vagina walls was so wet ,he began speaking in unknown language
“come baby ,pour it all on me ,I want to feel your sperms on my body”
Timmy withdrew immediately as he poured all of his sperms on her ass.
He was panting she was panting.
That was incredible.
“Girl you are good “he said.
“and you never cease to amaze me” she said
Eliana went to the bathroom to freshen up .
“What?, its 6pm already? How time flies, I have to get going ,where is my bag?” Eliana said as she began to look for her bag.
“calm down babe I will drop you, take this money” Timmy said giving her huge amount of money
“Thanks so much, that is why I love you” she said as she placed a kiss on his lips
They got to the street before her house ,
“please stop here ,I have to change to this dress”
Timmy eyes widened ,he watched her wear a long gown and tie her hair with a scalf.
“I knew it, you can’t leave your house the way I saw you earlier “he smirked
“oh just shut up, thanks by the way, bye see you later” she said as she hopped down from the car.
She walked down her street and in few minutes she got home. As soon as she got home she opened the door and entered to meet a shocker.

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