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Double Life – Season 1 – Episode 10 [Completed]

Chapter Ten
It was very early in the in the morning, most of the guards were asleep, the young guy whose name was Peter opened the door to where Elaina and Luna was.
“see I guess this is your chance, I am travelling this morning, no one will look for me,I will untie you girls and pass you through my window, you will see a small gate ,I have opened it, you have to run for your lives ,this place is surrounded by bush but you will see path that humans walk on keep running till you see a street leading to the main road, that’s all I can do for you” Peter whispered as he untied the girls.
They thanked him and followed him silently out of the room to his room, he opened his window and they jumped down.
“I wish you girls the best”
They began to run without saying any other thing to Peter, they didn’t even ask for his name, they just wanted to get out ,they kept running till they saw the gate ,Eliana opened it and the two of them continued to run as if it was their last day on earth.
“Hey where are you girls running to ”a deep voice spoke from behind them
“Blood of Noah, we are dead! “Eliana shouted in shock as she increased her pace.
“we can do this Eliana, let’s keep running “Luna said as she increased her pace too
“I will shoot you girls if you don’t stop, the voice said again running towards them.
Elaina we have to split now, take left while I take right “ Luna said panting hard as she heard the voice approaching them.
Luna took the right turn while Eliana took the left running ,she stopped when she heard gun shots she wanted to turn back to go see if Luna was the one that was shot ,she was confused ,she decided to keep running to save herself first, she wasn’t looking when she stepped on sharp stone and fell hitting her head.
“Oh God I am sorry please have mercy on me! “she cried as she felt blood on her head and legs, she was hearing cries, it must be Luna cries ,she stood up and continued running with the last strength she got
“God deliver me from this one I promise I would be a good girl and live right” Eliana prayed as she kept running without looking back.
She finally got to the end of the forest path, she saw the street Peter talked about but it was lonely nobody was seen around, she started walking ,she was tired of running, luckily for her she met an elderly man.
“please Sir, where is the main road?”
“we are almost there, let’s keep walking “the man said
“But what are you doing here, you are even wounded? “he asked
“I should be asking you sir “Eliana retorted fearing not to open up her ordeal to the stranger.
“I came to check out my land, my car is parked there “he pointed
Which man will have land in this deserted place, well that was his business. Eliana thought as she just kept quiet walking.
She got to the main road and the man offered to drop her off but she declined she was not going to trust anyone again.
She flashed a cab down and told the cab man where she was going. The cab man was shocked cos it was very far , it was like five hour drive down there.
“Oga, abeg help me,abeg me, see my body now, wound every where abeg help me I go pay you any amount you want”
The cab man decided to take Elaina home.
He turned back to see that his passenger had passed out as soon as he got to the address he was given.
He rushed down to knock on the gate and alert anyone he could see, luckily he saw a middle aged woman coming out of the gate.
“Please ma, I have someone in my car ,she gave me this address, she has fainted please come see”
The middle aged woman rushed to see and was shocked beyond words.
Eliana was rushed to the hospital by her mum and was treated .
Luna was found almost dead, she was in coma for weeks before she recovered.
Mr. Cole had called the police immediately Eliana was able to give the location in which they were taken to, that was when they found Luna almost lifeless, she had lost a lot of blood but they didn’t see who shot her or the Chiefs that orchestrated the whole plan.
The parents of Eliana and Luna were both grateful to God that they got their daughters back alive.

The End.
Written by Chify.

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