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Double Life – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 10]

Double Life

Double Life

De9jaSpirit Originals

Story Title: Double Life

Episodes: 5

Category: Crime, S*x

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This is about a young girl , Eliana, she was a church girl ,that was what her parents trained her to be but she hated it.she hated the four walls of the church.
She loved going to parties ,having sex with rich guys, she loved to live a luxury life but her parents wanted her to be a Christian and always attend church programs.
To her friends she was a party girl but to her parents she was a Christian girl.
Her parents thought they had a devoted Christian daughter but got the shock of their lives as she came home one day bleeding profusely.

What made Eliana to bleed?
Did her parents ever find out about her double life?
Did Eliana change to become a better person?

Read and enjoy!
Written by Chify.

Chapter One
“Is it not to go church, I will tell them I am going to church, that’s the only way I will be able to leave this house and go see Timmy”
Eliana thought to herself as she dressed up.
She had to keep pretending to them, it was the only way out for now.
“They want a church girl ,I will give them a church girl. How can I live my life always going to church for what now am I the one that killed Jesus Christ or am I one of the apostles Jesus chose. Please, these old parents of mine should allow me live my life ,they have lived theirs its my turn now” she said looking at the mirror.
Eliana wore bum shorts and sleeveless top underneath her very long pleated gown.
No one will ever suspect her. She tied her scalf to cover her one million braids.
“These my parents don’t know anything yet “she whispered as she walked to the living room where her parents were.
“mum, dad, I am off to church, we have youth fellowship meeting “
“ok dear, I trust you my daughter you are always in attendance “ Mrs. Cole said
“Its OK dear, have this money just in case”Mr. Cole said
Eliana collected the money happily and left.
Immediately she got to the building beside Timmy’s house she removed her clothes and tucked them back inside her bag.
“Hello Timmy “she beamed.
“hi Eliana, been expecting you, thought you won’t come again.
“ don’t mind me, I am so sorry “
“you look beautiful, don’t tell me you left home this way, I like your bum shorts” Timmy said licking his lips
‘You pervert, mind your biz,” she said cat walking ahead of him.
“Gosh I am going to hit that ass hard today” he said to himself.
“I heard you” Eliana said walking towards his mansion.
Timmy lived alone with his mum, his father was late.
His mum was a very rich biz tycoon.
Timmy had it all that was why Eliana loved him ,cos he always get her gifts and money.
Eliana loved money and expensive gifts and she got it all from Timmy of course in exchange for her body. She didn’t mind.
Her parents would never find out if she keeps leaving the house in disguise of going to church.
It was just 3:pm,she would be done with Timmy later in the evening and head home.
Her mum and dad won’t suspect a thing.
“hey lover boy I am hungry, hope you have food in this house,” she said as she walked into the kitchen
“Yeah help yourself, mum made delicious spaghetti this morning I think its still remaining in the pot” Timmy said sitting down on the couch with his legs crossed.
“thanks baby I will also have juice to step it down with “ Eliana said as she got juice from the fridge herself, she was used to Timmy’s house so she knows her way around
She sat on the dining table to devour her meal.
Timmy just watched her.
“How can you be so hungry like this ,didn’t you have breakfast?”
“duh…its afternoon already so we should be talking about lunch here and besides you know I love food so much” she said as she drank from her glass of juice.
“yeah Yeah,its afternoon” Timmy said dryly
“This food is so tasty ,mummy is always cooking tasty food, I want to be like her when I grow up” she said laughing and Timmy joined her in laughing.
“funny babe, so what’s up ,let get inside my room “Timmy said as he watched Eliana drop the plates on the sink and washed them.
“you can’t wait, can’t you?,silly you “she said as she poked Timmy nose and brushed her breast on him.
As soon as she got into the room ,she sat on the bed and Timmy switched on the TV,
“What!” Eliana gasped as what she saw on the screen.

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