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Don’t Laugh Me, Love Me – Season 1 Episode 3

AFTER FOUR years , he came back to me, with another woman, an oyinbo pepper. Her name is Nikita, but my Mama renamed her nkita ( dog) . His friend Kelechi, who stayed in the city had told me that Chekwubem travelled to abroad after two years.
I had tried to call him in the past. His mother did not give his new number. Even if she had agreed , where I see phone to use call him. Will my my mama buy for me?
‘ Okay na. Tomorrow. Early morning by 6am. ‘ I hiss and and stood up from the doorstep.’ No be only phone. Laptop join’
I BEGIN to feel used, hopeless and sorrowful. My mama does not want me to fight for my right. She is laughing at me and after looking at my face, she begins with a sigh.
‘ Hmmm.. Chai! ‘ She is trying to laugh again but instead she shake her head ‘ which right are you fighting for? Are you his legal wife? If he wants you , he will come for you and his child’
I pray to God ‘ Father, please give Chekku back to me. Don’t take him away’
For where? Chekwubem does not remember I exist. ‘Jupiter’ has snatch him from me. If he sees me on the road , he passes by. He tells his ‘ new ‘ wife that I am one mad woman in the village- that they recently cure me.
I try to endure this insult , yet I can’t.
ONE DAY I approached him and said that my child belongs to him, our child. He almost slapped me and threw me on sand-sand ground. I saw something in his eyes. I knew he was still inside there somewhere, atleast, until he shouted at me.
‘ Take your bast.ard child and get out of here. . .’ He reduced his voice’ Uju why ? I told you to wait for me. Why did you do this?

I WANT to reply him when his mother and brothers shout at me. They disgrace me and I left with tears in my eyes.
The next day, I think about this and decide to leave the village , travel to the city. Whatever I see there I will collect it like that. Maybe I will find opportunity and travel abroad, then marry my own oyinbo /jupiter
I WORKED hard to sell palm kernel. I saved money, left my little Chekwubem with my mama and travelled. All I hoped for is that my son does not follow our footsteps.
I was a love medicine. Only one in the morning and my Che-Che did not come for evening own . He left after leading me this far.
TWO YEARS later. I am still trying to make my life meaningful. Here I am on the streets of Lagos, doing any work I see: from call girl to house girl, errand girl , show girl, pure water girl, (anything you can think of, as long as killing is not involved, add girl to it) . I start to regret why my mama and papa did not send me to school. Its not my fault though.
LUCK shined on me. I met Kelechi’s cousin, Nkechi , her mother sells ugu(pumpkin leaf) in our village. She treated me with love and introduced me to hair dressing business. Big girls type, not 250 per hair.
I saved money and and bought a phone for my Mama. I sent it to them through Nkechi.
Mama could not operate the handset. Whenever I called, She would always shout my ear off.
‘Hello’ Eenn! You say? Hello??!! Ujunwa?!, Hallo, Ello!! Can you hear me?
‘ Mama I can. Take it easy’
We are speaking our dialect
I said ‘ stop shouting. I can hear you’
‘ Ehen! I thought maybe the distance from here to the city is far. So if I shout you will hear me well. You know_ I’m not use to this kind of thing… Oyinbo is wise o…hmmm’
‘ Its obvious’ I mocked her .

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