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Done In 60 Seconds – Season 1 Episode 4 [Completed]

From the back window of the security post, Greg saw two dead police officers lying in a pool of their own blood and was sure they were dead. He came back to the front just to make sure there was no survivor. As he took the first step inside the building, a gunshot to his chest took him down.
Andrew, the calculative police officer that took the shot had been leaning on the wall, and was out of sight when Greg had looked inside from the back window. Looking at the bullet holes in the wall and with limited intelligence on how many robbers were still outside, he decided to make a run for it. He knew he would be a sitting duck in this place once he ran out of bullets, which he was sure would happen any time soon.

As he ran out, gun blazing, he was met with the rapid fire from Daniel’s rifle at the back back seat of the car. He felt a sting on his back and fell to the floor, but still had his gun pointed at Daniel, who was now out of the car, proceeding towards him slowly, with shots flying everywhere. He made some calculated shots, but his uncalibrated rifle kept misfiring. Bullets whizzed by his side at rapid successions, and then he felt another sting on his left shoulder, and then another on his right thigh. He kept firing, hoping he would at least get lucky as he did with the other robber, but it seemed the gods were on the robber’s side.
When the Daniel saw that Stanley was about to drive out, he fired a few more shots, ducking low in retreat as he made his way to car. All the while, Andrew was on the floor, bloodied up, still firing his gun, but slowly loosing consciousness. Daniel got in the car, and they drove out of the bank, leaving their dead colleague on the floor, at the entrance of the security post.

Small Fred was waiting outside the bank to make sure the coast was clear, and as Stanley stopped the car for him to get in, Daniel looked out the window and saw Greg gasp for life as blood spurted out of his mouth, and then his body went lifeless. Stanley let out a deep sigh before zooming off.

The End

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