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Done In 60 Seconds – Season 1 Episode 3

11:16 am
Stanley drove in and stopped mid way into the bank so that the gates could not be closed. Immediately he stopped the car, Small Fred and Greg jumped out of the car, guns raised high in the air, and pandemonium broke loose in the bank premises.
Greg shot up in the air, and ran towards the bank security doors to stop their target from getting into the bank. Fred scanned the security post and fired a few shots at the small building; small dust particles from the bullets impact on the wall got caught in his eye and he rubbed his eyes as he walked boldly towards the target. Mr. Alex the bank guard froze for a few seconds, shielded by the gate, and then he slowly jogged out of the bank.

Greg had already collected the black paper bag with money from their mark, the short light skinned man, and he had instructed him at gunpoint to go get the rest from the car. As the shaky man made to walk towards the car, shots rang out from the security post hitting the getaway car; a few bullets whizzing past Fred’s right ear. Reflex action made him squeeze the trigger of his AK 47 rifle which was pointed at their victim, and the man did a little electric dance before slumping to the ground.
In the car, Daniel ducked down in the backseat as Stanley drove out of the range of the intermittent gun shots coming from the security post.
Greg handed the black paper bag filled with money to Fred and aimed his automatic rifle at the entrance of the security post, with rapid fire, he walked towards the place confidently. When he got close to the post, he saw he had hit one police officer, but wasn’t sure if he was alone in the place, so he walked to the back of the building to get a better look. At this time, Stanley had gotten out of the car to assist Fred with retrieving the rest of the money from the Honda, and Daniel was ducked down in the car’s back seat, door opened, rifle pointed at the security post entrance.

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