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Done In 60 Seconds (18+) – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 4]

Done In 60 Seconds

Done In 60 Seconds

Done In 60 Seconds
Olumide Odusanya

“All things truly wicked start from innocence.”
-Ernest Hemmingway
The motorcycle bounced up and down the dirt road and it felt like his heart was also bouncing in his chest the way it beat. What he was about to do wasn’t new to him but he had a bad feeling something was going to go wrong.
The bike finally came to a halt at the gate of the abandoned secondary school and he paid the potbellied rider with 500 Naira note and didn’t wait for his change. The man sat on his bike for a few seconds, and watched Daniel walk away. Then he shrugged, put the money in the side zip of the jacket he had on, turned his bike around and zoomed off the lonely road.

The school’s football field was always their meeting point before any operation. Because of how secluded and quiet the place was, they could talk, and even shout out their plans without any one hearing. They called the place Red Sand.
Daniel could make out three figures in the car when he sighted Stanley’s black Kia Cerato in the distance. He wondered who the third person was. Probably one of the expendable guys Stanley usually sometimes brought into the fold, he thought to himself.
As he walked to the field, he hit his left foot on a rock and staggered. The rusted goal post acted as a support. He stood still for a few seconds as his mind traveled back to when he and Stanley were school prefects at this same school, and he wondered where it all went wrong.
Once in a while every evil person has a moment of clarity where the consequences of his actions stare him in the face, but the end always justifies the means, and greed is a terrible emotion to harbor in one’s heart. Greed to have more without working hard was one of the worst driving forces any man could have.
He took a deep breath and continued his walk to the car.

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