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“Do you have a real life hustle to fall back on?”- Ka3na mocks Ninjas

Ka3na Jones is one name we won’t be forgetting in a hurry since the last edition of the big brother naija lockdown season. From her incredible claims to wealth down to her lavish lifestyle, she was never far from the highlights.

Yesterday, Abanengimote Rebecca Hampson, a former housemate from the big brother naija lockdown season made a huge announcement.

It so happens that she became the owner of a brand new Mansion in Lekki, Lagos State. Taking to her social media pages, she made the announcement while tagging her house, “pengi home”. Since the announcement, housemates like Lilo and the rest took to her comment section to congratulate and also tap into her blessings.

While they congratulated and also tapped into her blessings, her fans insinuated that she was the first BBN lockdown housemate to own a mansion of her own. Others went as far as comparing her mansion with that of Ka3na.

Reacting to this, Ka3na took to her Twitter account to state that she bought her own house before BBN and did it with her hardwork and sweat.

This tweet didn’t go down well with social media users especially Ninjas as they bashed and trolled her continually until she deleted the tweet within minutes.

After the trolls had a field day, Ka3na took to her Twitter handle to mock everyone of them.

“While you are busy dragging me, hope y’all know social media apps are developing on servers? If it crashes today, hope you have a real life hustle to fall back on?? Stop trolling and start building your empire. Abi you too no wan buy house ni?” She tweeted.

It is common knowledge that Ka3na has a loud and insensitive mouth, the extent she can go just to make a point often confuses the public but it has never changed who she is or how she talks down on people.

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