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DO YOU AGREE? If President Muhammadu Buhari Is Not A Tribal Bigot – Sheik Gumi Would’ve Been Arrested By Now (See Why)

Yesterday, a Facebook user “Bala” made a comment that got me thinking and wondering where this forced marriage called Nigeria is heading to. Flora Shaw, it shall never be well with you and your boyfriend Lugard.😭

I just watched a video of Sheik Gumi who has appointed himself as the negotiator in chief with the terrorist bandits, telling the bandits that it is the non Muslim soldiers that are killing them unjustly in order to foment trouble. He is deliberately trying to stoke division.

Is he subtly telling the terrorist to only attack non muslim soldiers as revenge or what? Does the Nigerian army now have non Muslim and Muslim soldiers as sub groups? These terrorist kill Christians and Muslims alike, but I wonder why the Shiek is mischievously bringing religious division into the matter.

The federal government and military authorities will not respond to this very irresponsible comment from the Shiek. If it is someone else that made such irresponsible comments, the person will be invited by the DSS. This thing is just a game to these people. He said.

Another Facebook user “Tunde” added,

Does that mean Sheik Gumi has suddenly drifted from negotiation by saying those who are attacking bandits villages are non Muslim soldiers?

When a system fails, individual takes over sensitive and classified security issues that should have been led by the govt. Something is brewing. Careless statement.

Sheik Gumi wicked statement to bandits simply mean:

Rather than kiling indiscriminately, bandits should now begin to search for non Muslim soldiers and their families members and be killing them. That is exactly what Sheik Gumi has communicated to the bandits in his so called peace deal.

That is incitement for mutity. It is dangerous to be condoned by the entire security hierarchy. They want to officially destroy the military in Religion and Tribalism.

When the central security system fails, all manner people take over classified matters. Buhari needs to sit up now and stop listening to sycophants. If not, he won’t have a country again.

Gumi has not solved any problem. He only changed the dynamics to his or an expected goal. Unfortunately, it was too late for Pharaoh to change the dynamics.Funerals of first born must take place. It is a big shame. A careless folk.

My response to the above statements is, if president Muhammadu Buhari is not A tribal bigot, father of nepotism, – Sheik Gumi would’ve been arrested by now.

Imagine if Gumi is from Southwest, Southeas, South-south or Christian You get the point now right?

If President Muhammadu Buhari Is Not A Tribal Bigot – Sheik Gumi Would’ve Been Arrested By Now – DO YOU AGREE?

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