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DO YOU AGREE? Before The Year Runs Out, South East Will Turn To North East Fully (The Origin)

Trust me, this was the beginning of what is currently happening in Southern Nigeria right now to the best of my knowledge.

The insurgency in Southeastern Nigeria (initially known as the Orlu Crisis) is a military conflict that broke out in the city of Orlu, Nigeria when the Nigerian Army moved to crush the paramilitary wing of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), the Eastern Security Network (ESN).

The conflict escalated after the ESN managed to repulse the initial push by the Nigerian Army, but IPOB ended the initial crisis by unilaterally withdrawing the ESN from Orlu.

After a few weeks of quiet, Nigeria launched a military offensive in the area to destroy the ESN. On 19 February, IPOB declared that as of the day before, a state of war existed between Nigeria and Biafra.

Three weeks later, another separatist group declared the formation of a Biafran interim government which was subsequently endorsed by IPOB.

To cut the long story short,

On April 5, armed men stormed a prison in Owerri, enabling some 1,800 inmates to escape. The Nigerian government blamed IPOB, which in turn denied any involvement.

In mid-April, state governors announced the formation of Ebube Agu, a pro-government security network. IPOB declared that the ESN was sufficient, and alleged that the true purpose of Ebube Agu was to fight the ESN.

On April 14, armed men launched several attacks in Njikoka and hoisted a Biafran flag. Before the attack, Nnamdi Kanu had accused the Nigerian government of plotting false-flag attacks to destroy the image of ESN.

On April 24, the top ESN commander known as Ikonsowas killed when the Nigerian Army allegedly raided an ESN camp in Imo State. IPOB blamed governor Hope Uzodinma, and announced after less than 24 hours that a new top commander had been instated.

Right now in Southeast, a Terror group under the guise of Unknown Gun Men, are killing and burning down different facilities belonging to the government and poor innocent citizens.

The funny part is that, Southerners feel more comfortable and safe with the so called Unknown Gun Men than the police and soldiers. In fact they runaway on the sight of legal security officers, but cheers and relaxed with the UGM.

Now you should know there’s a big problem in SE. This was exactly same way Northerners pampered Boko-Haram Terror group and here we are today. Once you give a man a gun, you can no longer control him.

I’m not a prophet, but trust me,

Before The Year Runs Out, South East Will Turn To North East Fully

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