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DO YOU AGREE? A Man Must Either Smoke, Drink Or Womanise

So it is not a new thing that there is this popular theory that a man must either be a smoker, a lover of liquor and if not these two, he must be a womanizer.

How true?

I think it’s up to any guy to smoke if he chooses to ignore the health warnings and no biggie if any man drinks from time to time and of course, liking women and being a horrible flirt is up to any man.

Anyone can pick their vices and live their lives in the way they please. No judgment.

Nonetheless, I think it is wrong to presume that every man would belong in either or more of these categories.

There are men who don’t do any, and they are not less than a man.

So fellow readers of Naijaloaded what is your take, which one do you indulge in?

A Man Must Either Smoke, Drink Or Womanise (Do You Agree?)

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