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Distorted – Season 4 Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode 5


On getting inside, John went straight on his knees and asked for her

forgiveness while rubbing her stomach.

She did forgive him and also asked for forgiveness also.


Matilda also apologized for all that she had said and done to her and Joan

forgave her as well.


“It’s nice meeting you Mr Ben” Joan said after they are had all forgiven

each other.

Ben was surprised and looked at Becky who gave him the look of ‘ she knows

all about us’.

Becky later introduced Ben to them all as her fiance. They were all happy

including Matilda who would have been envious of not that she had become a

change person.


” Joan” Matilda called with an unknown facial expression which made them

feel scared.

” I want to be his godmother, please” she said with a smile.

They all laughed asking what made her think Joan’s going to have a baby


” Cos I can see him already looking like his father” Joan said and the ward

became a laughter ground.




Joan gave birth to a baby boy as predicted by Matilda automatically making

her the godmother.


Matilda forgave Ola, but she had nothing to do with him even after he

left his fiancee, Jennifer.


Ben and Becky became a couple after eight months of engagement loving each

other faithfully.


Although, Matilda is yet to get a man she will truly love even as I write

this epilogue, she has become a better person.



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