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Distorted – Season 4 Episode 4

Episode 4


Becky’s face brightened up a bit but then she asked : ” I had sex with your

cousin, James, would that not be a problem in the future?”

” If you had known he was my distant cousin, sure you wouldn’t have done

it. I see no problem in the future if we remain faithful to each other” he


” Would you ever use my past to hunt me in the future?” She inquired

” I won’t say never, but I will do all in my best to make sure I don’t use

it against you in the future, but I must beg you not to do things like the

past in our future.” He said and continued:” So are you ready to walk this

path with me afresh?”


She nodded many times even as she continued saying yes with her mouth. This

was one of her best moments ever. The two hugged themselves for long and

they ended it in a deep kiss.

He picked the ring he had engaged her with from the stool which she kept it

and went on his knee to propose to her again. She accepted joyfully and

they begin to kiss themselves again until they heard her ringtone. She

went to her bag and brought out the phone only to see the caller; Matilda.

She decided not to pick it since she thought Matilda called her only to

insult her and probably demand for her things which she had borrowed.

” You should pick up your call dear, it’s Matilda your friend” Ben said as

he had seen the caller.

” We are no longer friends. Sure she’s calling to curse me and promising I

will come back begging.” She replied.

” You’re only assuming, you should pick it when she calls back, okay?” He


” You don’t know Tilda, she’s up to no good. I don’t want her to spoil my

happy mood” she said.

” Well, you never can tell, maybe she had repented. And since you are now a

better person, you will pick up her calls” Ben said.

” Are you this stubborn? Okay…” She was saying when her phone began to

ring again. Ben nodded his head for her to pick and she did.


” What? How? Where are you guys now? Oh my God… I will be on my way now”

she was literally shaking as she ended the call.

” My other friend, Joan had been rushed to the hospital. I need to go see

them immediately. I’m sorry for ruining this moment.” She explained as she

gets her bag to leave.

” Wait, let me get my car keys. I will drive you there” Ben replied.

” Don’t worry dear, I don’t want to stress you. I will make sure I fill you

in on the necessary details.” She said.

” Your friends are now my friends and I won’t leave you to go through any

rough path without me.” He said and went upstairs to get his keys.


They hit the road almost immediately and they got to the hospital soon.

They met John and Matilda at the reception. Matilda ran to Becky and hugged

her tightly. Becky and Ben were surprised while John wasn’t even interested

in what they were doing as all his thoughts are on his wife.


“I’m sorry Becky, I know I’ve been a bad Friend, but I’m ready to change.

I’m sorry for the ways I treated you through out these years, I never knew

I was going the wrong way until I had the best discussion with my parents

yesterday which made me realized I’ve been a jerk all this while. I know

you and Joan tried to make me but I turned deaf ears, but I can assure you

that that is all past. I am ready to do anything to get your friendship

back. I love you and miss you guys” Matilda said and bursted out crying.

Becky hugged her now assuring her that she has forgiven her. The two

friends cried awhile on each shoulder before the doctor came out.


“Mr John, you really should thank God that you arrived on time and also

were able to revive her before bringing her here. We observed her for

sometimes while we ran some test on her. Also, she has a very high blood

pressure and that’s why she has to be on a bed rest for at least 24 hours.

” The doctor explained.

” I hope she is okay now?” John asked tired of the doctor’s long speech


” Of course she is, but she needs bed rest for her sake and that of the

baby or babies” the doctor replied.


They all looked at each other for some seconds and then the doctor

continued ” she is five weeks gone and I will advice she starts her

antenatal here on time.” The doctor concluded.


John went straight to Becky and hugged her.

” Thank you for bringing me good news, thank you so much if you had not

come to make to my office for the peace of my marriage, I would have lost

my wife and children out of my silent anger. Thank you so much Becky.” John

said after he had released Becky from the hug.

He left Becky and then hugged Matilda and then appreciated her also for

coming to his house on time to save his family. He promised he had let go

of every resentment he had for them.

They went in later to the ward in which Joan is after the doctor had asked

them to but strictly with a warning not to disturb his patient.

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