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Distorted – Season 4 Episode 3

Episode 3



Becky arrived at Ben’s place, and he welcomed her casually, not with a kiss

or hug but a straight but not angry face.

It wasn’t as if she was expecting any of his romantic gestures anyways but

when he didn’t give them, her hearts beats became faster. “What if he had

ulterior motives for inviting me over? Well, I’m here already and I just

hope this goes well” she thought.

” You should have your seat Becky” he said bringing her out of her thoughts.

” Yeah, sure ” she stuttered and then sat.

Ben sat at the chair facing Becky. Gosh, he’s so cute. She had dated him

for less than 6 months but this is the first she’s noticing how manly he

is. If she had focused on him alone right from the beginning, she would

have understand that she feels something for him, Something like love. Or

is it because she now has the knowledge that he’s financially bouyant

enough to cater for her? She loves him, yes she does. Although she has a

good heart, but she had done things she had never done to any of her other

lovers. She wished she could turn back the hands of time and love him

faithfully. Will that be possible now, of course not but she assured

herself that she will never be a cheat, not anymore. Her next man would be

really lucky and blessed because she’s going to give him her totality.

” Becky, why did you cheat on me with my cousin” Ben asked Becky who was

lost in her thoughts.

“Huh” she replied

“Why did you cheat on me with my cousin?” He asked again.

” I never knew he is your cousin, I’m sorry” she replied.

” Are you sorry because he’s my cousin or because you cheated?” He asked.

” I’m sorry for both. I know I have no justification for what I did, but

I’m truly sorry. Now I know what it feels like not to value what you have

until you lost it. It wasn’t only your cousin I cheated on. I wasn’t

actually serious with relationship, that’s why I always play around with

whoever I want. I lack contentment and that’s why I have decided on my own

to cut out all the relationship and have some sessions with a therapist. I

just want you to forgive me please” she said tearfully.

She brought out the ring Ben had engaged her with and slowly dropped it on

the table.

” I would like to take my leave now” she said when Ben did not utter a

word. He was just staring at her blankly. She tried reading him, but she

didn’t understand what she was seeing.

” I’ve forgiven you Becky. I tried not to but I couldn’t help but forgive

you for I loved you that much” he finally said.

Becky was relieved, she held her chest and said thank God silently before

she thanked him.

Although she wished he had said more, but that which she heard is enough

for the start of a new Becky. She heard him clearly he said he loved her,

she wished she didn’t hurt him this much.

She stood up to leave and he saw her off to the door.

” What if I ask us to start afresh, would you say yes?” He asked while they

were still standing.

“Really?” She asked with surprise

” Yes. Let’s start on a blank page and write our love story afresh” he said

with a smile

” Seriously, with all my past. With all the my sexual escapades with other

guys including your cousin?” She asked

” No, with the new you, with my new Becky that realized the importance of

being better for herself and her man. Not because I pushed her, but because

she loves me and is ready to change for the best.” He said emotionally.

Her head was down as he listened to Ben. She didn’t know that she had tears

on her face already until Ben had lifted her head and wiped her tears with

his hands.

” I wasn’t faithful with you as well. I had a girlfriend before I met you

who did nothing but demands from me every now and then. Although I’ve never

been the cheating type, but I was attracted to you and you gave me peace

and joy which I lacked in my other relationship. I ended my relationship

with her when I’m convinced about you. That’s why I asked we start afresh

together” he explained.

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