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Distorted – Season 4 [Episode 1 – 5]



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Story Title: Distorted

Episodes: 6


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Episode 1


” Did you just say my wife is pregnant?” John inquired.

” Hmmmmm, well, I…” Becky said stuttering

” Becky will you just answer with a yes or no and stop stammering. As you

can see, this is an office and I’m being paid to do my job so please don’t

waste my time but give me a definite answer” he said obviously angry now

” What if she’s not pregnant? Would you abandon her and let her die of

depression? Do you ever love her at all?” Becky challenged as she didn’t

know what to say concerning the pregnancy saga.

” You are in no place neither do you have any moral justification to ask if

I love my wife or not. Not with the rubbish you’ve been doing with her

since God knows when” John said.

” Will you be responsible enough to tell me the rubbish we’ve been doing

together cos I seems to be lost here” she asked

” She sent you here and sure she would have filled you with the details of

how I now know the disgusting things you girls do behind the scene of

friendship.” He replied.

” Do you want this marriage or not Mister? If yes, then you will hear me

out but if no, why not be man enough to tell her so she can get over with

bit instead of this emotional trauma you’re putting her through” Becky said



“Get out of my office this moment, and I don’t want to ever see you near or

around my family, never again” John said as he stood up.and banged his

table loudly.


At this instant, Becky fell on her knees. She had come to settle the

misunderstanding in her friend’s marriage but it seems she just complicated

things and she will do anything and everything within her means to make

John have a change of mind.

” I am sorry Sir, I am really sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I’m

here for peace and not to worsen issues.” She said tearfully.

This did it, as John loosen up a bit and asking her to get up since he

wouldn’t want anyone to meet her in that position.

” Please get up Becky” he said.

She was surprised he knows or still remembers her name.

” Please sir, let me just remain like this. I beg you in the name of God, I

just want you to hear me out, Please” she said sniffing.

” Okay, I will hear you out but definitely not while you’re on you knees

and please, whatever you need to say, you need to be fast about it cos I

still have some work to do before the end of the day.” He said

John had never seen Becky this humble before. Well, he had met her once or

twice or maybe thrice cos he had lost count. He had always seen her as an

unserious lady since. But for the fact that she could knee all for the

peace of his own family makes him kind of like her now.

” Please stand up, I’m listening” he said again and Becky did stand up, sit

and then clean her face before she started talking.


” If someone had told me that I will ever do anything good for Joan’s sake,

I would never had believed. Although were friends, I have not actually seen

her as one or relate to her like a real friend does. I always envy her

level of maturity and experience with things and this makes me always

jealous of her. And that’s why I usually do everything possible to stay

glued Matilda, just so I can be ahead of her with my friendship with her.

But with the events that happened in these past couple of days, I realized

she has a good heart but with her flaws as well. I really don’t understand

where you got the conviction that we are bisexual, but I must tell you that

is a big lie from the pit of hell. I have never involved in such act and so

are my friends.

She made a mistake by telling us about your sexual problem, and Matilda

used it to insult her just few hours later. I know she shouldn’t have

discussed it with us but with you, but we weren’t much of a good friend as

I watched and did nothing while Matilda spoke ill of it. I should have

rebuked Tilda openly, which would have beat down the disappointment and

hurt she felt. But I did nothing even after she voiced about her hurts and

Tilda was unapologetically about it. She out of foolishness transferred the

anger that she had bottled up on you thereby saying those hurtful words to

you. She’s truly sorry, and I am sorry as well. We’ve both learnt from this

and I can assure you that this will never repeat itself again. I plead you

forgive your wife and return to her. You wouldn’t believe what she looks

like now as a result of the loneliness and guilt that’s hurting her.” Becky

concluded with a drop of tears on her left cheek.


After John discovered that Becky had finished talking, he placed his hands

on his head and rested his elbows on the table and muttered: ” I’m sorry

darling. I should have heard you out. Gosh, what have I done. I hope it

isn’t too late to get my happiness back”

Becky heard his last statement partially and she responded to it.

” It’s not too late sir, but please don’t waste anymore time to let her

know you’ve forgiven her”.

Becky appreciated him and called it a day. But immediately she stood up,

John asked again ” is Joan really pregnant?”

Becky hurriedly left without a goodbye just to avoid the question.


Tilda had been thinking since she got home. Now she understands that she’s

the one with problem not all the men that had left her apart from Ola, the

devil himself. It had always been about her, and just her alone. She had

lost a whole lot of great guys because of her arrogance and unrepentant

spirit. She remembered some of her past relationships, the guys that had

loved her but made some little mistakes and wouldn’t forgive them but call

it a quit. She’s beautiful, hardworking and intelligent but her character

sucks. When she gets angry, she talks to people badly but wouldn’t care to

apologise even when she realized her faults. Her egocentric nature had

destroyed her relationships and now her friendship with Becky and Joan who

had put up with her attitude for this long.

” This is the moment, I need to apologise to Joan and even to Becky. Gosh,

how could I have said such hurtful words to them like that. I won’t

apologise on phone or via text. I will do it physically and try to

understand what it is to be truly sorry and to be forgiven.” She thought.

She went to the bedroom to have a change of clothes as she planned on

going to Joan at that moment. She came to the sitting when she was done to

see her phone ringing.

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