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Distorted – Season 3 Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode 5

” I’m very happy for you girl and I promise to walk with you all through to

become a better you” Joan said

“Thanks friend. Enough about me. I want to go over to your husband at the

office. I really need to talk to him” Becky said.

” He won’t attend to you. He hates you guys already. Remember he doesn’t

really like you before his misconceptions about you and Matilda now. I

don’t want you to go and add fuel to the fire” Joan said

” I promise I will help you get back your marriage right? Please don’t be

an impediment. Just give me the direction to his work place while you pray

for the success of my meeting with him” Becky replied.


Joan tried even more to convince Becky about meeting her husband but she

refused, saying she needed to do it.

Joan gave her the description she needed and she left much later after she

ensured that Joan had her lunch.


Matilda keeps checked her phone expecting Becky’s message or call. Some

parts of her feel bad but being who she is, she promised herself not to

stoop so low to apologise.

” They will surely come sooner or later, this I know” she thought.

She was feeling lonely and then decided to go over to her parents. At least

she will get the comfort and care of her parents.


On her way to there, her car developed a fault. She had to call her

mechanic to check on it while she ordered a taxi.

She got to her parents and when she entered, she was surprised at what her

eyes behold.


“Mummy, what are you doing?” She asked her mother

“I’m kneeling, begging my husband as you can see” her mother said.

” You really need to get up now. What if I was coming with some friends and

they see my mother on her knees like a slave. Jeez, sure I wouldn’t be able

to get over the embarrassment” Matilda said.

” Will you shut that dirty thing you called mouth?” Her mother said and

concentrated on her husband who is yet to forgive her.

She left with a silent hiss to her room.


Her father had been upset with her mother because she promised to bring him

lunch in the office, but didn’t come. He called severally but she didn’t

answer. He had to leave office thinking something bad had happened at home

only to get home and find her gisting with her friend. She had totally

forgotten about him and his lunch. Although he’s eaten the lunch, he still

upset with her and that’s why she was begging him. He later forgave her and

sent for his daughter, Matilda. There’s no point going back to his office

so he decided to have a fatherly talk with his daughter, whose reactions

we’re baffling.


” Why were you embarrassed that your mom is kneeling for me?” Her father


” It just doesn’t make sense to see her kneeling. She can beg you right,

but the kneeling looks enslaving to me, and also have never seen her done

that when I was leaving with you” Matilda explained.

” My daughter, your mother and I are married for almost 40 years because we

understand each other. There’s nothing wrong or bad in apologising in any

way to someone you hurt. It only means you are responsible enough to admit

your wrong which is a very good way of showing maturity. Many atimes,

people apologise not because they are wrong but for peace sake. I apologise

to your mom and then she also apologized to me. You can’t be self-centered

and expect a good relationship with anyone. You need to drop your ego and

pride and always do what it takes to be at peace with everyone. This will

not reduce you a bit, but will be an addition to you. You don’t treat

people as trash and expect them to treat you like treasure. When you

respect others, they will definitely respect you as well. I know you want

the kind of my marriage with your mom, but you’ll need to work for it cos

we are still working on it ourselves.” Matilda’s father explained.


His words get to her and she didn’t realize when tears started dropping

off. Her father left them while her mother continued advising her. She left

her parents home sober promising to change for the better.


” Good day sir, I am…” Becky was saying

“I know who you are and why you are here. I just respect you enough to

allow you enter my office and not to explain to me how you’ve been helping

me with my wife. You may take your leave now” John, Joan’s husband said


” I know you are a responsible man who used to love his wife dearly but not

anymore, but for the sake of the innocent baby, can you please hear me

out?” Becky said gaining his attention.


” What have I done? Why did I just say make this big blunder? Joan won’t

forgive me if John eventually hates her the more cos of this lie just to

gain her attention” she thought as she sat on the chair facing John and not

knowing what to say next


To be continued…



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