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Distorted – Season 3 Episode 3

Episode 3


Becky and Joan stood confused looking at Matilda on how she’s taking it


Joan later found her voice and she uttered what shook even the foundation

of the house.


” We don’t need your help neither do we need your friendship anymore”.





“What the hell did you just say to me?” Matilda asked trying to understand

Joan clearly.

” I know you don’t need me to repeat what I said, you are smart enough

understand me” Joan said calmly.

” Well, I don’t seems to understand the garbage you just spit out. I can’t

seems to comprehend it.” Matilda said getting annoyed already.

“I will break it down for you since you don’t get it. I have known you

since my university days and you have been more of a negative influence to

me. I really never knew why I chose to tag along with your prideful,

arrogant and careless self who has never dim it fit to regret any of your

atrocious actions against others let alone take responsibilities for

amendment and apologies. I just blindly followed you for reasons i still

can’t fathom right as I speak and allowed you corrupt my good self. It

takes almost my ruined marriage to discern what you really stand for and

will do anything and everything to get my marriage back by starting to cut

of my ties with you” Joan peacefully explained.


” what have I got to do with your marriage? Am i the cause of your

husband’s lack of sexual appease or your insatiableness? What’s wrong with

you woman? I am not just in for your rubbish and that’s why I came to my

best friend’s place and not yours to talk on some more pressing issues”

Joan said arrogantly


All things being equal, Becky would have jumped for joy and excitement for

receiving the best friend’s title from Queen Matilda herself. But she

found herself hating the position right now, not after hearing Matilda’s

unremorseful words. “Well, maybe she really didn’t understand are actions

and reactions are bad. Maybe if Joan explain more to her, she will

understand and apologize of course” Becky thought even trying to defend


She remained silent hoping to understand who Matilda truly is.


” I wouldn’t say you are the direct cause of the turbulence in my home

right now, yes I was just plainly stupid to transfer the aggression on my

poor husband. But I won’t completely rule you out of being a bad friend.

You have done nothing to promote peace and happiness for others. You are a

definition of a complete self-centered being who doesn’t care about the

weight of her words and acts to others. I faltered by not telling the

complete truth about my sexual life which I wasn’t supposed to discuss with

you or anyone about but my husband just to gain your sympathy. I made a

grave mistake there and I must confess I have learnt in a bitter way. But I

never expected you as my friend to use my pains against me in less than

24hours I told you about them. You mocked my childlessness and insulted my

husband right before me. I even voiced out that your words hurt, but what

did you do? You unapologetically defended yourself making me feel terrible

and then pass it all out on my husband, who had done nothing but worry for

my safety with less care for his and come out in search of me even before

the break of the day. Now he believes I am cheating on him with you, he

believes I’m bisexual. I accept my mistakes and I’m greatly sorry for it,

but you really are the trigger of which I misbehaved and that is why I said

I no longer want a friendship with you” Joan explained clearly.


” This should do. With this explanation from Joan, Matilda should apologise

to her for peace sake.” Becky concluded in her thoughts.

But to the utmost surprise of Joan and Becky, Matilda cared not for the

effectiveness of her words nor for the trouble in Joan’s home.


” That’s your problem girl and not mine and I will definitely not apologise

for your own actions, your husband’s thought and your already failed

marriage. You should be thinking of what to do to stay in the bondage you

call marriage and not be concerned about your friendship status with me.

Run along madam marriage, while Becky and I will do nothing but enjoy our

spinsterhood to the fullest. I really do not care about you or your failed

marriage. You can get your sorry self out of here.” Matilda said exhibiting

with great force her bad manners.

“Becky dear, you can tell your friend to excuse us so we can be able to

think of ways to get back your hard earned money from that worthless

bastard who thinks he can get away with your money” Matilda continued but

stopped when she saw the look on both Becky and Joan. She didn’t really

care about Joan’s look, but that of Becky got her worried at that moment.


To say Becky was disappointed by Matilda’s statements was an

understatement. She now really see her in the image of the adjectives Joan

had qualified her with. She never knew she could be this ruthless not to

care about her friends marriage.

” Who have I been friends with for all these years? If she can be this

cruel in words with Joan who is more matured and disciplined than I am,

then what will be my fate in her hands if i eventually find myself in a

messy situation, like that which I am in now. I can’t believe I have been

friends with Matilda for this long and didn’t see this inhumane part of

her. I think I’ve seen it countless times, I just choose to overlook it and

contend for the bestie title with Joan who really I should be closer with.

Now that I’m no longer confused who she really is, I think I’m ready to

terminate my friendship with her as well.” Becky thought.


” Ain’t you got something to say?” Matilda asked Becky who she was

expecting to ask Joan out of her house already.

” I have a lot to say, but there will really be no use for it because you

are too selfish to think or care for anyone else. I have my bad as well and

I know they are much. I am willing to become a better person and for that

reason, I also will end my friendship with you but I promise to help you

also when I become better” Becky explained.


“What?” Matilda shouted

” Even you, Becky who can’t do anything on your own. Why should I be

surprised? You don’t even have mind of your own. I know you will come back

soon, just like you always do but believe me, I will make you suffer before

accepting you back.” Matilda replied in visible anger and then left for her

home or wherever.


Joan walked up to where Becky is and gave her a great hug. Like I said,

Joan is now a hugger too.

” Now that we’ve successfully sorted out one of our problems, let’s sit and

think of how to get your marriage back” Becky said.

” What about your money? Your hard earned money? Don’t you think you should

get that fast while I try to work on my marriage? Joan asked

” First and foremost, I need to correct this notion that it is not my hard

earned money, though it’s my money. I never worked for it, but depended on

people for all that I have acquired. And also, your marriage and happiness

is more Paramount than my lost money which I know I now possess the right

mindset to work for. So your marriage and happiness comes first my

darling.” Becky explained bringing Joan to tears.

How didn’t she see this good part of Becky since. It takes her almost

failed marriage to realize that Becky truly is a friend indeed.

She appreciated Becky and promised even to also help her get to become


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