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Distorted – Season 3 Episode 2

Episode 2


She cried out there in the open space for a very long time before the

gateman eventually helped her up. She went inside with her package and

continued crying. She had emaciated just within 24hours. She wanted to call

her mother, but she decided against it. She called Becky instead who didn’t

pick the call not until the sixth time.


” Becky, I am finished” Joan said over the phone crying.

” Your case can’t be as terrible as mine” Becky replied.

“What? What Happened?” Joan find herself concerned for her friend.

” My dear it is a long story, a story of not appreciating what you have

until you lost it. I can’t give you the details on the phone. Why not come

over to my place this morning, cos I really need to talk to someone. I will

call Matilda to join us as soon as I drop the call.” Becky replied.

” No no no, don’t call that bitch. I’m not ready to face her yet cos I

might strangle her. This is just between us. I will be with you in a

jiffy.” Joan said and dropped the call.

She went in and freshened up and then left for Becky’s house on an empty



On getting to Becky’s place, she met her dishing some watery noodles. At

age 26, Becky still does not know the right amount of water that will make


Joan joined her because her stomach was betraying her by making some

audible noises.

She carefully selected the noodles with her fork leaving the water behind.

After they had done eating, Joan explained everything that has been

happening in her home since on Sunday. How her husband slept out for the

first time. How he believes she is a lesbian and also, the dildo he bought

for her. She spared no details from Becky. She broke down into tears after

she was done with her story.

Becky comforted her and told her she will talk to her husband.

” He won’t listen to you. He doesn’t like you much. He believes you are

more of a negative influence.” Joan said.

” Don’t worry dear, we will work it out. Even if not destined to marry, I

will not watch and do nothing allowing your marriage fail.

” You will do this for me for real?” Joan asked to be sure she’s hearing


” Yes I will, not just for you alone but for everyone that I’m capable to

help” Becky replied.

Joan left her sit and gave Becky a tight hug. It seems Joan has become a

hugger too.

” Wait a minute, what do you mean by you are not destined for marriage?”

Joan asked

” Well, I just lost a wonderful man, and I don’t think I can ever get a

good man for myself again after my waywardness.” Becky explained.

“Who?” Joan asked

“Ben”she replied

“Who’s Ben?” Joan asked again.

” One of my boyfriends” she replied.

” Then continue with the rest of your boyfriends nau. Or what’s so special

about Ben” Joan concluded her speech with a question

” I think I’m in love with him already, and also he has proposed to me” she


” Are you in love with him cos he proposed or cos you’re truly in love with

him” Joan asked.

” Well I don’t know, I’m not sure. I’m just confused” Becky said


” Since he’s proposed already, you should be with him to find out what you

really feel for him. And also, you have to cut other men out of your life

now since you’re engaged” Joan advice.

” Are you not listening? I said I lost him already” Becky said almost

breaking down in tears.

” Now I’m confused. What happened, here you are still with an engagement

ring and you’re saying something contradictory. Please let me understand

you.” Joan said


Becky later explained all that happened to her the day before.

” I wished the damn ground would open and swallow me immediately I saw

James some minutes after I was engaged. But the stupid ground wouldn’t do

my wish. Ben walked to us and finally introduce John as is distant cousin

and, me his fiancee.

James laughed hysterically drawing the attention of other guests. He told

Ben that I was his girlfriend, not anymore now as it’s now obvious I am

cheating of him. He told Ben how he had sexed me for a number of times

yesterday before Ben is now proposing to me. James challenged me to rebuff

his claims which I couldn’t do to the disappointment of Ben and other

guests. I left shamefully and Ben never came after me which is an assurance

that I’ve lost him for real.” Becky narrated as tears flowed down her cheek.

” I’m so sorry darling, I really am. For you to be this hurt, yet you

choose to listen to me and help me out of my predicament shows you are a

true friend. I’ve been so blind to see that you have a good heart but

judging you for your imperfection. I’m so sorry” Joan said tearfully.

They hugged each other again as the cried.

” I lost more than Ben” Becky said after they had ended their emotional


“What else did you loose?” Joan asked.

” I lost over 1.5million naira which he borrowed and promised to return.

But now we’ve broken up, there’s no way I can get my money back” Becky said

letting out another stream of tears.


” Of course you will get your money back. I ain’t going to watch get away

with your money” Matilda said.

Becky and Joan were surprised. They had no idea when she entered and didn’t

how much she had heard. Matilda had only heard Becky’s last statement cos

she just entered.


” I’m not going to let any man play you for a fool. We will set him up. We

will make sure he vomits all that he has swallowed and even more. Men will

pay dearly for hurting us” Matilda said bitterly.

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