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Distorted – Season 2 Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode 5


They were lost in their romantic world until the sounds of applause brought

them back. Even Ben, who had invited them was surprised because he had

totally forgotten.

People began to congratulate them while the ladies were appreciating her

ring, the guys were busy pouring themselves drink as they congratulate Ben.


“Becky!” she heard a familiar voice called her name.

She turned and came face to face with James, who she had rounds of sex with

earlier that day.


Joan had been calling John’s number but he left home but he didn’t pick or

call back as well.

” John, please I’m sorry already. Don’t pay me back with my coins, please”

Joan said as she cried the more.

It’s past 8:00 and her husband who left home since morning is yet to


” I let my anger with Matilda bring trouble into my home. I hurt the man

who truly loved me. He has done nothing but bring me happiness, but now

I’ve ruined everything. I know he works extraordinary much just to give me

a good home and yet I destroyed us all because of sex. I didn’t even open

up to him on how I hate the sex schedule we have, yet I concluded he should

understand with my reactions. I lied to Becky and Matilda about talking to

him, just to play a victim. I spitted venoms out to him this morning all

because he cared to look for me while I was drinking out my life and

marriage. I’m so doomed if John refuse to forgive me.” She thought as she

weeped regretting her actions.

A message popped into her phone, and she was excited when she saw it was

from her husband, John

The message reads.

” Don’t expect me home tonight. You can go to your friends who wouldn’t sex

you with time table. My regards to your lesbian friends.”

Joan almost died on reading this.


Matilda had been in Ola’s house since she left the supermarket. She had

asked for explanation but Ola had silenced her with a deep and breathtaking

kiss. He didn’t even apologized for cheating on her and insulting her

mother via text message. He had only touched the right button and Matilda

had melted right in his charm. He had fucked her like a slut but Matilda

enjoyed every bit of it. After the sex, he still didn’t apologise and

Matilda didn’t want to ruin the moment by demanding it so she shuts her


After all the sexual escapades, the following conversation ensued

” For us to be together again, this have to be on my terms, okay?” He said

stressing the ‘okay’.

Matilda couldn’t talk. She felt cheap and wished she hadn’t come back for

closure as she had termed it.

“I’m leaving” she said

As she took her bag to leave, they heard a knock at the door with a female

voice informing Ola of her presence.

Matilda was shocked to the bone seeing the look on Ola’s face.

She tried walking out of the room but Ola held her back forcefully.

” You can’t leave now” he said

” And why is that?” She asked.

” Cos someone’s at the door” he replied.

” And so?” She asked again.

” Are you that dumb? My fiancee is at the door and she mustn’t see you” he

said almost yelling and then kept his voice down.

” Who am I to you Ola?” She asked tearfully.

” This isn’t the time for stupid questions, you should have figured it out

already. Now let’s find where to keep you” he said and then there comes the

rattling of keys indicating the person out there is about to come in.


To be continued…

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