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Distorted – Season 2 Episode 3

Episode 3


Joan left the bathroom after he heard the sound of the car. She had thought

about how she reacted while in the bathroom and decided to plead with her

husband, but then she heard him drive out.

She became sober and cried hoping John will forgive her for the insults she

hauled at him.

” I’m sorry my love, I’m deeply sorry” she muttered.


Matilda woke up later and saw Becky’s note and sighed. She left home to the

supermarket to get some groceries. Not that she needed them now anyways,

but she was lonely and bored.

And also,she thought she’ll be resuming work the next day which is Monday

but later remembered she’s on sick leave.

Oh, and now she remembers why she’s on leave in the first place.

” I really need to see Ola. I think I should give him the opportunity to

explain the reasons for his actions. Is that necessary? Why not just let

him go for real? I just need some closure and that’s why I should see him

for the last time” she had these contradicting thought and then she decided

to see Ola even though, some parts of her kicked greatly against it. She

changed the direction of the car to Ola’s home immediately without any

further thoughts.


Becky on the other hand, has been at home with one of his boyfriends,

James. They had some rounds of sex and we’re lying naked having a chitchat.

She suddenly remembered she’s yet to see Ben, another boyfriend whom she

had given her Master card since Friday. She quickly discharged James and

dressed up to go look for Ben.

Ben had complained bitterly about his need for money. She gave him her card

to cash a hundred thousand naira, as she often does. She had gotten a debit

alert of 100k, yesterday and earlier today making it a total of 200k as

against the agreement of 100k.

She had felt he needed more, and he’ll come and explain to her this

evening. She had been carried away when James came over, but now she needs

to go get her card back.


Right before she stepped out, she got a debit alert of a million, and five

hundred and fifty five thousand naira from her bank.


Becky died a million and one times after reading the message for like the

fifth time. Her head hurts, her belly churns, the sitting room was moving

fast and she was sweating profusely. She rested her hand against the wall

to get some balance and then Nneka, her maid walked in.

” Madam, are you alright? She asked.

” No, I’m not. I’m not alright, I think I have been duped” Becky replied.

“Come ma, have your seat” Nneka said.

” I can’t sit. Get me my car key” Becky said.

” This is one of the reasons I asked you to sit, you are holding your car

key ma” Nneka said pointing to her hands.

“Oh” Becky sighed

“Now, all you need is a sit, while I get you a cup of water and then

explain what really happened to me” Nneka said.

“Ok” Becky replied still thinking of how she had been fooled.


Becky had a good relationship with her maid, with almost every one.

Although she has her shortcomings, but she doesn’t look down on people and

oftentimes, she helps people when need be.


” Don’t let her out of the gate” Nneka shouted as she returned to the

sitting room and could not find Becky. She heard the sound of ignition and

then the gate opening. She had shouted and rushed out but unfortunately her

boss, Becky had drove out speedily.

” Oh my God. I pray nothing bad happens to her. Please God, save and bring

her home safely I pray” she prayed and then walked inside to continue her



” This had better be a dream. Wake up Becky, wake up. How can Ben do this

to me? How can he take for granted my good act? He needed money and I

couldn’t get to the bank cos I needed to see Matilda. He made a withdrawal

of 200k and didn’t dim it fit to explain to me. Now, he went shopping with

my money, my money. Oh, I can’t take this. I had better die before I get

him else I will kill him.” Becky thought aloud while she drove to his place.

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