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Distorted – Season 2 Episode 2

Episode 2


Matilda and Becky fixed themselves a breakfast of noodles and eggs. They

ate silently while Becky continously checked her phone.

As soon as they finished eating, Matilda asked ” babe, are you alright?”

” Hmmmmm, nope. I’m kinda expecting….” Becky was saying

” Oh please, I’m not ready to hear the details of your problem, all I care

to know is if you have a problem and you already answered that. I need to

get back to bed cos my head still hurts” Matilda replied and went straight

to her room without taking a glance at Becky whose mouth was agaped.


” I thought she cared, that’s why she asked. Well, the effect of her

heartbeat is really telling on her badly. ” Becky thought.

Becky left after she had done the dishes and cleaned up the sitting room.

She took one of Matilda’s beautiful slippers and then dropped a note that

she did.


Joan and John got home safely. Joan went to her room immediately John

parked the car.

” Don’t you think I deserve some explanation for making me worry all

through yesterday while you’re at your friends partying?” John asked.

” Who told you we were partying? She replied with a question.

“Your sorry sight and your smelling mouth gave you out easily. What in

God’s name is your problem? Do you ever think at all? Drinking and partying

with your friends who have nothing but negative effect on you, don’t you

have shame as a married woman? He asked trying his best not to get upset.

” Really? Of course I have no shame. If you had done the needful rather

than you following your stupid timetable for sex, I would have been busy

with my child or children” she shot back.

” Really, you have the nerves to talk back at in this manner when all I do

is to work up my ass just to give you everything a good woman deserves? You

are really an ungrateful thing.

“What? How dare you refer to me as a thing? What have you done that other

men have not been doing even in multiples? She asked with a very high tone.

“Really?” John asked

” Yes, what have you done? Have you ever satisfied me as a man? You are a

failure both in monetary and sexual stand. Even Becky and Matilda will

provide better than you in all areas and here you are feeling like a man.

You had better don’t let me talk, else you’ll regret ever knowing me.” She

said and entered the bathroom with a loud hiss.


“Oh my world! My wife is a bisexual!” He said this and dumped himself on

the bed thinking.

” I’ve been such a fool to think this ladies are just friends. Gosh, Joan

had the guts to compare me with these ladies even in bed. No wonder they

didn’t respond on time till I made a loud bang. They couldn’t let me in

else I would have caught them in the act. Hmmmmm, after all I’m doing for

you. After all the love and care I’m showing you, Joan. I make sure I work

as hell just to satisfy your unending demands. I do things that does not

befit my standard and person just to make you happy yet she has the

effontary to cheat on me with her friends. Well, I will make you pay for

hurting me this bad, you cheating whore”

He took his car keys which he had dropped in the drawer and drove out of

the compound to God knows where.

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