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Distorted – Season 2 [Episode 1 – 5]



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Story Title: Distorted

Episodes: 5


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episode 1


” Really, how could you in your filthy mind think of an attack that might

lead to rape?” Becky asked with clear eyes

“Don’t get me wrong, I never wished for it, I only hoped…” Joan was

saying trying to justify herself when Matilda cuts in.

“You can hope for it in your house with your husband, so his lazy ass can

watch and learn how to fuck you to your satisfaction and also make babies”

Matilda said angrily.


They all remained silent for some seconds.


There comes another knock which is gentle this time.

“Let’s not forget there’s someone or people at the door. Who will bell the

cat by opening the door? ” Becky asked.

They all looked at each other and then Matilda asked; ” who’s there? Who’s

at the door?

They are sure they aid a faint familiar voice, but couldn’t give the voice

a face, not even Joan.

” Who are you and what do you want at this early hour of the day? Matilda


The person at the door replied


” It’s me John, Joan’s husband. I’m sorry for disturbing you but I’ve been

trying to reach my wife all to no avail. I’ve been calling her but she

isn’t picking her calls. I called your number as well, but you also didn’t

pick your calls. I am so worried sick that I had to leave home this early

just to ask about my wife from you.” John explained.

They all sighed aloud holding their chest.

” Your wife will be out there with you shortly cos this place is really

messed up” Matilda replied audibly but silently said the ‘messed up’


” I will be waiting patiently then. Thanks Tilda” John appreciated


Joan quickly washed her face and mouth with water and then dressed up.

” Matilda, your words hurt though” she said

” And just so you know, your wish hurts as well” Matilda replied


Joan opened the door and left with her husband who she didn’t even allow to

greet the girls.


” What you said to her was bad you know,and I suggest you apologise to her

later” Becky advised

” Oh please, you know I don’t apologise. I only responded the way I did cos

of what she said. So if there’s any need to apologise, then it will be

after she has apologized to me first” Matilda said and went straight to the


” That’s your problem dear, you are so stiff necked” Becky said to her.

” I heard you girl, and that’s definitely your problem not mine” she said

as she opened the shower.


Back in the car with her husband, Joan couldn’t help but think of what

Matilda said to her. Gosh, it hurts her pretty bad that she didn’t even

have the time to compose what she’ll tell her husband regarding why she

didn’t pick his calls or called back. That’s why she doesn’t like

discussing her problems with her friends and they always view her as

perfect which was better of. She blamed herself for taking alcohol in

excess thereby giving Matilda, the ill-mannered bitch to speak to her

coarsely even insulting her husband.

“Damn you” she cursed. Her husband turned briefly as he heard her curse and

then turn his face back to he road. They didn’t speak to each other till

they got home.


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