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Distorted – Season 1 Episode 6 [Completed]

Episode 6



Joan stood up to get her bag immediately. She checked her phone and found

several missed calls from her husband and mother. With a wide smile

reaching both ends of her face, she showed Becky first and then Matilda her



” Look what we have here babes, Take a very good look at it. Several missed

calls from my perfect gentleman.” Joan said taunting them


” Very good then, you can run along to meet your husband,or have you

forgotten today is the last Saturday of this month.” Becky replied Joan.

” I’m sleeping here guys, I don’t have strength for a boring sex tonight.”

Joan said.

” But call him at least,to keep his mind at rest that you’re safe.” Matilda


” I don’t want to and I won’t. Or is my stay inconveniencing you two? Joan


Becky replied yes while Matilda replied no concurrently.

” I’m staying tonight dear, get used to it already” she mocked Becky.


Joan went to the bar to pour herself a drink and then she thought

” Something isn’t right. John has never called her for 10 times repeatedly”


The ladies continued with their drinks even into the night.

Matilda’s head hurts, but she wouldn’t stop drinking. Who is she deceiving

that she’s over the breakup already?

She had loved Ola and she still does. If it were possible, she would have

gone back to him asking for his forgiveness even when he was the one that

cheated. She couldn’t let her friends know about this though, they’ll

practically skin her alive. Her head is telling her the right thing to do

but then, her heart wouldn’t stop betraying her.

” Damn you Ola, damn you” she repeated and looked around her friends to see

if they did hear her or not.


When she realized that they are fast asleep, she continued for over a

hundred times ” damn you Ola” as that was the only words her mouth could

voice out as she wept silently.


Matilda’s phone started ringing with the caller been John, Joan’s husband.

She couldn’t pick it up cos she was drunk. She tried waking Joan up, but

then Joan was just there snoring and sleep talking.

” I’m sorry John, but none of us here is in the right state of mind to talk

with you. Just some few hours before the sunrise and I will definitely

send your precious wife home to you” Matilda said stuttered to her own self


A loud bang on the door woke them up as early as 5:00am.

“Who could that be?” they thought individually not really minding the

headache they are having as a result of the hangover.

The loud bang came again, and this time almost deafening.

” Where the hell is Adamu?” Matilda asked her friends who gave her the look

that made her realized she just asked a dumb question.


” I just hope this ain’t armed robbery attack, that might lead to rape?”

Joan altered why the other ladies became scared immediately


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