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Distorted – Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5


” I’m so sorry dear, im really sorry” Becky said as she left her seat to

hug Joan.

” Stop being a drama queen, Becky. She only said her husband is lazy and

not a cheating bastard like Ola” Matilda said rudely.

” Any which way Tilda, she obviously isn’t happy that her husband is

lazy and that’s why I comforted her with a hug” Becky replied.

” Whatever” Matilda said as she walked over to the bar and pour herself a

cup of Brandy. ” Who cares to join me?” She said inviting the girls for a


Becky and Joan literally ran to the bar to join in the fun. They soon

became drunk and Joan started lamenting while the others listened to her.


You guys know how much I love John right? I really do love him and at the

same time hate him as well.

I have never seen a man as lazy as my husband in bed. Well, I have only

seen a man in bed all my life which is John. He’s making me miserable and

I hate the fact that I might fall into the temptation of committing

adultery soon.


Do you guys know we have timetable for sex as a couple. I would rather use

a lesser word than sex if there’s any to talk about our bedroom moments. He

has never made love to me since we got married, which is two years plus. We

only have sex on Fridays and sometimes the last Saturday of the month. You

may ask who does that, but my husband do. I am sex starved friends, I

really am. Do you guys know the most ridiculous part of all these nonsense,

we only sex in one style. Yes, the missionary style as all other styles

are demonic to my husband. It’s really annoyingthat I kept my bed undefiled

for marriage just to be frustrated sexually. Girls,I am really tired.”


” Have you talked to him about it?” Becky asked

“Of course I have, countless times right from the beginning. I even

suggested we go see a therapist, but he wouldn’t oblige” Joan replied.

” Are you sure you are telling the complete truth on this matter? ”

Matilda asked

” Of course, it’s the complete truth. He concentrate more on work, telling

me how important it is to raise our financial level” Joan replied


” Maybe is cock isn’t functioning well enough, that’s why he always go on a

break after every rounds of sex” Matilda joked.

” You need an hearing aid girl, cos I never made mention of ’rounds of

sex’. His ‘thing’ is functioning very well, cos he’s always rough when we

have sex. He hits me pretty hard when we get down, leaving me with a sours

down there” Joan answered.

” I hope you are sexually appealing to him?” Becky asked

” Yes I am, who else should be appealing to my husband other than me?” Joan

answered with a question

“Other ladies perhaps” Matilda replied

” Or some guys” Becky added.


” You guys are sick. Just because we are not have a good sexual balance

doesn’t mean he’s cheating on me. I told you he’s too busy with work, and

your dirty minds already started imagining things.” Joan replied her friends

“Really?” They asked

” Of course. You really think you can corrupt my mind against my husband?

Hell no. He still remains the best and faithful man any lady including you

two can wish to have” she defended.


“That’s really optimistic of you darling. But why hasn’t the best husband

in the whole wide world called his wife at this time of the night if he’s

not with another lady or dude? Becky shot back leaving Joan mentally

disoriented instantly.


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