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Distorted – Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3


Matilda woke up in the hospital with a pain in the head.

“Ouch” she sounded faintly as she touched her bandaged head.

” Thank God you are awake, you gave me a scare darling. I should get the

doctor to check up on you.” Mrs Smith, Matilda’s mum said as she excused

herself to get the doctor.


The doctor came in with Mrs Smith some minutes later and checked her pulse.

The doctor explained that she just suffered Orthostatic hypotension, a drop

in blood pressure that occurs when she transition from sitting or lying

down to standing. This condition is common in people of all ages.


As the body adjusts to the position change there may be a brief period of

dizziness. This is what some people refer to as “seeing stars” when they

get up and she became unconscious because of the force in which her head

hit a hard surface. Also, she’s dehydrated and that’s why he had to pass on

drip into her body system.

After the doctor had spoken, she remembered she hasn’t taken anything since


“Mummy, I think I’m hungry” she said in a low voice after the doctor had


” Let me get you something to eat then, I will be back soon.” Her mother

said and hurriedly left.


She checked her phone and saw some missed calls from Becky, Joan and even

Ola, her boyfriend. Oh sorry, her recent Ex.

She decided to read through her message before calling her friends.

The message reads:

Can you please tell your mother to stop calling me. I’m too busy for any

explanation that your mum might be calling for. Just tell her I’m simply

done with you cause I might disrespect her if she disturbs my peace again.


” Son of a bitch, that’s who you are Ola.” Matilda find herself saying to


“How could I have loved this animal? Insult my mom and watch me destroy

everything you represent” she continued ranting endlessly even as tear

drops were visible on her cheek.

Her mother entered and saw her talking angrily all by herself, she rushed

to her and gave her a hug and then Matilda released all the tears she has

been holding back.

” Cry my baby, let it all all out, hold nothing back. I am hear for you”

her mother said sobbing as well.

She later stopped crying and then thanked her mom for giving her a shoulder

to cry on.


“Mom, please don’t call Ola again cos we are no more an item” she finally


” Oh now I understand” her mom replied with an apologetical look.

” Probably the stupid jerk is with one of his bitches when you were

calling. Do you know that I caught him pants down with a slut he once

introduced as his cousin? He’s such a fool to loose a wonderful lady like

myself. Mummy, sure there’s nothing wrong with me, but that fool.” Matilda

talked with her mother, this time audibly. Her mother only gave her a

listening ear and assured her that she’s a treasure that her Exs couldn’t

understand and appreciate.

Her mother watched her as she guzzled her food.

The doctor administered fludrocortisone, which will help increase her blood

volume and advised she stays hydrated always. She spent 24hours at the

hospital before she was discharged. She was giving a week sick leave so as

to stabilize her health.

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