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Distorted – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 6]



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Story Title: Distorted

Episodes: 6


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Episode 1


” Matilda darling, you don’t have to accept the gibberish Joan is spitting

from her orifice, all because you are 27 and should be married already

according to our Mrs married woman’s calculations.” Becky said obviously

picking on Joan while she advised her best friend, Matilda.


Becky had always been friend with Matilda since childhood. They had been

through a lot together but their friendship had survived still. Even though

the survivability of their friendship is more on the conscious effort of

Becky in most cases, Becky will never let Joan take the ‘ Best Friend’



Becky had disliked Joan right from the instant Matilda introduced her as

her very good friend and roomie when they were in school. Matilda was a

year ahead of Becky, and it was during this period that Matilda became

friends with Joan. She had become friend and remained with Joan only for

Matilda’s sake, even though they quarrel more.


“Madam ‘single’, sure you can make your futile points without throwing

tantrums like a spoilt brat that you truly are?” Joan shot back with anger

that is visible in her look.


” I thought you are more mature and experienced than us all, how come you

can’t hold your temper in check tonight? Are you loosing it already?

Maureen said apparently enjoying the rise in Joan’s temper.


” For the fact that you know that I’m more knowledgeable mature and

experienced than you are, I will just dust off your unruly speech and act,

while I focus more on why I’m here ” Joan said.


Matilda had already gone to the door holding it’s handle as her friends

where getting at each other as they often do.

“I asked for your help, and it’s obvious I’m not getting any… Please can

you get the hell out of my house this instance” Matilda shouted at the top

of her voice.


“We are sorry” Joan and Becky said concurrently


” Well, I don’t have strength for your drama today. I think I now

understand the saying that ‘if you want something done right, do it

yourself’. You guys have been here for over 30 minutes and all you do is

counter each other’s opinion leaving me more confused than when you had not

come. I will help myself this time around and get back to you on my

decision. But for my sanity sake, I need to be left alone.” Matilda said.


” I’m sorry darling, I shouldn’t have stooped so low to her level. Do think

through on this and call me when you need a real friend” Joan said as she

pecked Matilda and left.


“Did you hear what she said? I will just let this slide for your sake baby.

Now back on what we were discussing before, I will like you…” Becky was

saying before she was abruptly interrupted.


” I asked you both to leave, and you’re definitely not blind to see that

I’m still holding the door wide open for you to leave.” Matilda replied her


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