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Disappear – Season 1 – Episode 6 [Completed]

Episode 6:

The girls had been right: there was no officer on watch at the entrance to the girls’ end – this was unprecedented. If anything happened in the academy, the last place an officer would leave would be this divide, this high-ceilinged hall encircled by a single staircase – there was always someone here.

That had to be proof that Tom was right. There was no one here. The officers, the matrons, the staff – they were all gone.

But where had they gone to?

That was the question now – not whether they had gone or not, but where had they gone. And Tom for one wasn’t too keen on thinking about the answer to that question.

“Last chance,” Victoria said.

“I’m not turning back now,” Tom said. “No boy has ever made it through here.”

But Victoria wasn’t up for conversation. She really had something up her ass – or perhaps, Tom sniggered quietly, she needed something. But whatever, she wasn’t going to spoil this, his greatest achievement in five years of fooling about.

Winding their way through the corridors in the girls’ end, they passed doors that must have been to dormitories, rows and rows of sleeping girls – incredible! But it wasn’t too different to the boys’ end apart from the luxurious-feeling carpet on all the floors – it was bare wood for the boys – and the laundry baskets containing female issue uniforms and underwear – ripe for a souvenir, perhaps, on his way out.

“Well, you’re here,” Victoria said, “you can leave now. You’ve done it – you don’t need to follow me any more.”

“Loosen up,” he said. “I want to see your dorm first.”

She sighed and continued onwards, with Tom behind her.

“Oh, we thought you got caught!” a girl’s voice as Victoria entered what was obviously her and Anne’s dorm. “Did you make it to the boys’ end?”

There was a quiet burble of voices – all the girls were obviously awake. Putting the boys to shame, Tom thought. Perhaps he should have been born a girl.

“Pretty much,” Victoria said as Tom came round the corner.

“Oh my God!” various cries hushed suddenly as they realised their danger of being caught.

“Toria, you’re a genius!”

“Where’s Anne?!”

Tom couldn’t really see in there – just a bunch of silhouettes and dark shadows. But the scent of females was unmistakable – mixed perfumes, gentle odours that filled his nostrils.

“Hi,” he said.

“Who is it?”

“Tom Bates,” Victoria said, sounding a little less bored than she had been – perhaps she was revelling in her new-found notoriety.

“Never mind who it is – this is the best dare anyone’s ever done, Toria!” somebody said to add to her self-satisfied feeling.

“Where is he?” another voice – closer.

“Over here.” Another voice, and soft hands reaching out to touch him.

“Might as well make the most of him,” hands touching him, crawling over his bare skin.

“He won’t know who we are,” said another, and it was true – he couldn’t tell who was who in there.

He felt himself surrounded now, soft hands moving all over him – he couldn’t count them. Nice. He jumped slightly as they moved down under his pyjama bottoms and then – suddenly – they were off, he felt the cold air around his sensitive regions – soon to be replaced by gentle hands touching, holding, caressing.

There were giggles, there were moans, there were sighs and there were gasps as Tom found the blood flowing to a certain place, and the centre of their exploratory touches grew distinctly in stature.

“Get him to lie down.”

“Yeah – get him to lie down.”

“This is our chance! I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t want to be a virgin when I graduate.”

In the darkness, Tom’s eyes widened.

He had her taste reverberating around his mouth and the sound of her first orgasm reverberating around his ears as they relocated to the sheepskin rug in front of the fireplace.

Before he lay down, Anne helped him to remove his pyjama bottoms, her face lightening up further as she laid eyes on his nakedness. She kept her panties and her white ankle socks on as she knelt down between his thighs – now it was her turn to explore his body.

Rick was still trembling a little as she moved over his body – this was such an incredible night. Now it was Anne’s turn to kiss her way over his chest, exploring his athletic frame with her touch. It wasn’t long before one of her hands found its way to his erection, exploring the unfamiliar form of masculinity, caressing and stroking his rigid cock.

He moaned slightly and placed his hands behind his head as he felt her warm breath on his shaft. She kissed around his penis, stroking it with her soft little nose, feeling it pulsate with blood and react to her every touch.

Gently drawing down his foreskin, she kissed his most sensitive part and smiled as he shuddered in response.

Oh God, it was divine – a blissful, warm feeling overcame him as he felt his cock enveloped by the irresistible heat of her mouth. He couldn’t help but shiver and shudder as she started a strong, slow rhythm on his shaft. This was so amazing – everything he’d dreamt of and more – he wasn’t going to last long at this rate, he could already feel his orgasm building, brewing inside him…

Tom was now beyond amazement.

Lying there, there was a strangely wonderful feeling of complete shock gripping him now. He’d always thought the girls were a boring bunch, too disciplined for their own good, too willing to follow the officers’ orders to the letter, too keen on performing to their utmost and graduating with the highest honours possible.

But that picture had been false – he saw that now.

Or at least, he felt it. For where he was, he couldn’t see a thing. Lying on his back, the room was fairly dark, but there were two girls taking turns at French kissing him, so that darkness was made complete.

No, this was the real story: while most of the boys, who often fooled around after lights out, were asleep in their beds, these girls were up and fooling around to a much greater extent. Not only had two of them made it to the boys’ end, but now that he was here, there was no nervous giggling and timidity – they had him stripped and on his back, there to be used by them to practise skills they obviously wanted to develop for their time after graduation.

And along with the two practising their French kissing on his lips, a number of them were sharing his cock down there, feeling it, kissing it, tasting it, practising their oral techniques – it was heaven.

There were also the hands – all over him, stroking him, feeling him, touching him and exploring him, making the most of their first available man laid before them.

He couldn’t count how many there were. He didn’t even care. His whole world was filled with girls, his every sense connected with unrestricted young womanhood, it was like paradise on earth.

“Wait, I wanna try something.” Tom heard the whisper above him – one of the girls French-kissing him.

Suddenly, she was next to his ear – startling him slightly.

“Are you ready for this?” she asked.

He didn’t know what to say. He was just trying to maintain control on his looming orgasm. But now he felt her kneel above him – her scent was strong now, her warmth increasing and then he felt her all around him, her heat enveloping him as her cotton-clad pussy touched down on his lips.

It was everything he could do to keep from exploding.

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