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Disappear – Season 1 – Episode 5

Episode 5:

And then it was happening again, only this time more so. That beautiful creature, so divine in her scent and in her softness, was crushed against him once more, her mouth finding his lips, her hands spreading over his body, her knee lifting so that her leg could caress his, her heat pressing against his hardening cock.

This time, she seemed to go further, grinding herself against him and moaning softly, clearly feeling safe away from the other two. But Rick did not feel so safe – they were just outside Commander Beeny’s office!

“We’d better not,” he said, breaking apart from her embrace. “At least… not here.”

“You’re right,” she whispered. “Go and wait over there. I’ll try the door.”

She knocked on the door.


She knocked again. Rick swallowed, his mouth dry, his heart beat seeming to be so strong, he could feel his whole body pulsate from nervousness.

Still Nothing.

Quietly, slowly, she turned the big heavy doorknob and pushed open the door a crack and poked her head inside.

No light came out of the room initially, but suddenly the room did light up, and that sudden brightness flooded out of the room. An explosive jolt of shock rocketed through his body at the sudden brightness.

Were they caught?

“There’s nobody here!” she said, pushing the door open but standing there waiting for him. The light illuminated her completely, revealing her stunning beauty to its full jaw-dropping extent. To a slight degree, it even passed through the thin white cotton of her nightshirt to give a slight hint of what she wore beneath – and that was nothing apart from her panties.

“Turn the light off!” he whispered, though he wished he didn’t have to. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to look upon the incredible sight of her in her nightwear, that was for sure. “Someone will spot the light a mile off,” he explained.

“Don’t you want to look inside?” she asked.

“Well…” his curiosity was as strong as hers. “There’s a little desk light there – put that on instead.”

She did so, and the light wasn’t so bright, so overpowering. A soft peach instead of the harsh white.

“Well, there’s nobody here,” she said. “Maybe Tom’s right.”

“Maybe he is,” Rick replied as he looked around Commander Beeny’s office. It was a huge room, with colossal bookshelves spanning three of the walls. A fireplace sat in one wall, shelves around it, and the unshelved wall was wall-to-ceiling glass. Outside that glass, all was dark.


“Yeah?” he turned around to find her sitting at Beeny’s desk.

“What do you think?” she asked with a coy smile.

Anne had taken off her nightshirt and was sitting there where the grouchy old Commander always used to sit every time he gave Rick and Tom a dressing down. The prettiest girl Rick knew, the girl who had haunted many of his dreams, the girl who more than any else made him wish he wasn’t in military school, locked away from pleasures of the flesh, she was sitting there in front of him in nothing more than a skimpy pair of pink cotton panties and some white ankle socks.

9 “Well, they’re not here,” Tom said.

“Damn – they must have been caught,” Victoria said. She was more than a little tired of all this fooling around. She’d not really wanted to play dares anyhow – it was cold, she wanted her bed.

“Not necessarily. I bet their just enjoying the ride,” Tom chuckled. He was such a foul-mouthed oaf.

“Anne wouldn’t be so stupid,” Victoria said.

“You saw the way she dragged Rick away!” Tom laughed. “Don’t be so high-minded!”

“It’s just not like her to miss an appointment. We’re not ill-disciplined like you boys.”

“Oh? So why are you out here in the first place?”

“Well whether they’ve been caught or not, I’m going back to my dorm,” she insisted and marched off down the corridor, away from the stairs at which they’d arranged to meet Anne and Rick after discovering that the officers’ mess was empty of all life.

“Okay then,” Tom said, marching after her, “I’m going with you.”

“You can’t!” Victoria hissed, and stopped there in the dark hallway. “What if you’re caught?”

“Then it’ll be worth it! I’ve never been up the girls’ end – this is my chance! Too bad if Rick couldn’t make it. But if they have been caught, there’s nothing we can do for them anyhow.”

“You’re such an idiot,” she said.

“Oh, lighten up.”

“Fine, come,” she said, “it’s got nothing to do with me.”

Tom grinned in the darkness. Fantastic. The explorer’s nature within him rejoiced: this was the night he’d finally conquer the entire building. It was a shame Rick wouldn’t be there to share the excitement, though – it was slightly troublesome that he hadn’t made their rendezvous. But Tom had an idea that he hadn’t been caught. There simply wasn’t anybody about to catch him.

And that meant…

“Shouldn’t we go somewhere safer?” Rick asked in between kissing her.

“Relax,” she said, “We’ve been everywhere – there’s no one around.”

“We didn’t get to the officers’ mess – what if Tom’s been caught?”

“He hasn’t. Victoria’ll keep him on the straight and narrow.”

“But – ”

“Shhh…” she said, “just touch me.”

He kissed down her neck, over the soft warm skin of her chest. So beautiful, her face so pretty though her eyes closed while she moaned quietly. Rick had never felt so alive, his entire body pulsated with excitement – this girl was the most devastatingly attractive creature in the galaxy – and he was exploring her semi-naked body with his lips. Extraordinary.

Her moans deepened slightly as he moved down to kiss over her soft, rounded breasts, his chin grazing over her velvet skin, his lips and his gentle tongue gliding over her enticing curves to slip onto her stiff yet tender buds.

For years, he’d wondered what it would be like, but never had he imagined such softness, or the extent to which she would respond to his touch. She writhed as his hands coaxed her breasts and his hot mouth drew her hard nipples in, sucking strongly, drawing his rough tongue over their sensitivity.

He could feel her pushing her hips up, rubbing her cotton-covered crotch against his chest, urging him lower. He teased her a little, letting his hands drop as he continued to kiss her breasts, caressing her stomach, her waist, her thighs, so that her moans became a touch pleading, loving the attention at her bra-less mounds but needing more at the heart of her craving.

At the perfect moment, he judged her ready and he kissed his way down over her stomach, round and round her navel, still glorying in his first-ever access to this unrestricted femininity under him. How often when they’d been dressed in civvy clothes had she worn crop-tops? So sexy revealing that flat stomach, drawing the male eye more than enhanced cleavage or long sinuous legs, the soft, sculpted skin there to taunt its audience, a speak signpost to what lay beneath her waistband.

And now he was here, and he was kissing her bare midriff, but there was more: now he could kiss lower, where the curve of her abdomen led beneath the thin pink cotton of her scanty underwear. He could kiss down her slender thighs and even graze his nose across her panties, around the gentle rise of her mound where her sweet scent turned sharp, and the girlish material became moist.

“Oh please,” she moaned in little more than a whisper of desperation, “oh please..”

He looked up to her near-painfully pretty face and could hardly believe where he was. He grinned, and nuzzled into her moisture, his hot tongue touching her through the thin material, drawing out a long moan from her mouth as he tasted her juices for the first time.

“Please…” she moaned, “please…”

He smiled before gently nudging aside the pink cotton covering her mound, revealing below the soft, pink, glistening folds that sat like a flower waiting for his mouth.

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