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Disappear – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3:

After what seemed like an age, Rick’s heart beat slowed down again and his breathing returned to relative normality. Nothing. It was nothing. The noise was obviously just an old floorboard contracting.

“Shall we?” Tom whispered.

“Sure,” Rick said. It now had to be at least half an hour since they’d left the dorm – sneaking takes times – and he felt more disconnected from his warm, comfortable bed than ever. How far had Tom gone before? Had he come this far? What if there were teachers or matrons further than this? What if they started to relax too much and assume that their theory was right, that for some reason none of the staff were around tonight? They might get careless, they might do something stupid, they might rush out into a hoard of trouble.

It was one of the darker corridors, this, and it left Rick feeling distinctly disempowered. But still, he tip-toed onwards, following Tom.

Suddenly – another noise.

A clump and then a small high-pitched yelp.

“What the hell?” he heard Tom exclaim.

A light came on in front – a thin beam of light, which the years of boarding there and messing about after lights-out meant Rick instantly recognised it as a torch light.

“What are you doing here?” he heard Tom say and walked around the corner to find Tom standing there with two of the girls in their year – Anne Mandia and Victoria Simpson.

“You guys never play ‘dares’?” Anne was saying to Rick’s friend.

“’Course!” Tom said.

The torchlight moved and Rick squinted as it flashed over his face and eyes.

“Hey, it’s Rick!” Anne said chirpily. Victoria was keeping quiet. “We could do it here!” she nudged her friend.

Anne was the one with the looks – and how she looked that night! Dressed in little more than a soft white cotton night shirt that only just reached down to her thighs, the mere glimpse he got in the torchlight of her pretty face, framed as it was by her light brown hair – and those devastating big green eyes – it was enough to set Rick’s pulse racing.

“Do what?” Tom asked, his jaw visibly dropping at the sight of the two girls in their nightwear. None of the boys ever saw the girls in their nightwear – this was amazing!

“She has to kiss a boy – I have to make sure she does.” Victoria said, sounding bored, unimpressed. She didn’t have Anne’s looks, Rick thought, but she wasn’t unattractive. Her messy black hair didn’t do her any favours, and those spectacles gave her face a cynical look, but what really killed off her appeal was her generally cold nature towards the rest of humanity. Tom had always said it was something that needed to be thawed – but Rick never knew if that was one of his little jokes or not.

“Come on Rick, do a girl a favour!” Anne suddenly draped her arms around him.

Rick shivered slightly as a warm feeling erupted within him. He could feel his cock swelling and the warmth spreading as the girl leaned against him, her sweet scent flooding his senses, her warm breath tickling his face as her mouth drew near to his. She was going to kiss him! Anne, one of the best-looking girls in school was going to kiss him!

“How about it?” she said softly, seductively, her soft hands sweeping over the bare skin of his chest.

Rick could not see properly – the torchlight was somewhere else, flashing around, as though Tom was fighting with Victoria for it – but he felt Anne’s body press against his, her heat flowing through the thin, soft cotton shirt she wore, her soft breasts pressing against his chest.

Then suddenly Anne’s lips were pressing at his, and it was as if a sweet explosion detonated within him. Rick had never been close to a girl before – the school’s discipline was strict in that sense – yet as she kissed him, it felt like the most natural, wonderful sensation on Earth.

For a moment, he was embarrassed and worried that she would feel his hardness, but that feeling soon passed as he realised she was pressing herself against it, grinding her crotch against his own, actively celebrating his reaction to her touch.

Her hands were moving down towards his behind now, pressing him towards her, and he found his own hands naturally reaching her behind, and he felt that her nightshirt was riding up as she reached up to kiss him, and his fingers found soft, warm, bare skin down there, so rounded and velvety, the upper-most portions covered by the thin cotton of her underwear.

If the lights had been on, she would have seen his eyes widen as his fingers spread over her sensuous curves and she moaned quietly – it was incredible. But then, suddenly, she’d broken off, torn away from him – gone…

“Come on – we’ll be caught!” a forced whisper from Victoria as she pulled her friend away from Rick.

“Toria!” Anne whined.

Rick was shivering and tingling all over, but his body craved somehow seemed to mourn the lost touch of her soft warmth and the sweet scent that surrounded her irresistibly female form.

Wow. Had what had happened really happened?

“Girls, girls!” That was Tom. Had he seen what Anne had done to him? Rick could hardly believe it himself. He’d never thought she might find him attractive – but then the genders were kept apart so efficiently at Aurelius that there was never any sign that anyone found anyone attractive there.

“There’s no one to catch us!” Tom was saying – a little way away now. Rick jogged to catch up, and came through into a hallway where there was a touch more light available.

And he caught sight of her. Even in the limited grey light, she was an exquisite site. Her white cotton nightshirt teased his gaze, flaunting what she had underneath yet keeping it covered. Her straight, shoulder-length hair, parted in the middle and tied in two pigtails framed her elfin, pretty face. Her own eyes met his, packing a punch through his stomach from their sensationally elegant beauty, reflecting her mischievous smile as she silently shared with him recollection of what had just happened between them in the dark.

It had happened.

He couldn’t help but quiver from nervous but thrilled excitement.

And there were no teachers around.

“Sure there is,” Victoria broke the silence.

“There isn’t – me and Rick’ve gone round the whole place,” Tom lied, “there’s no one to be found.”

“Crap,” Victoria said cynically. “They’re probably just having a party somewhere – they’ll be in the officers’ mess or something.”

“Well think about it – if there was one place they’d be to make sure we didn’t stray, where would it be?” He asked. “The connection between the girls’ end and the boys end, surely? The very fact that you’re here…”

“What if they just left for a few minutes?” Victoria said. Rick was getting a little cold and increasingly nervous – he wasn’t too keen on just hanging about in the open there. Whether Tom was right or not, they had no guarantees. Victoria went on: “What if they were all called away for an important meeting, and because it’s been five years since we all started here, they thought for one night we’d know not to go out of bounds?”

Tom scratched his head. “That wouldn’t happen,” he said a bit weakly.

“What if they come back, and they’re on their posts before we can get back to our end?” Victoria said.

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