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Diary Of An Abused Woman – Season 1 Episode 6 [Completed]


Yes, she is a barren, Diane said. You are not okay, so you think you can make me turn against my wife abi, it didn’t work at all, rubbish, Emma replied.

I can’t tell him that I am a barren Angel, Irene said. Irene!!!, Emma exclaimed because he heard what Irene said. So it is true, you are really a barren, Emma added. Emma, what are you saying?, Irene said.

Back out of my house now please, I said get out of my house, Emma said angrily. I said goodbye, didn’t you here what I said, Emma added.

So the love and support you had for me is dead right, Irene said. Please go now!!, the divorce papers will be sent to you tomorrow, Emma replied.

I told you that that girl is not decent, now you found out your self that she is a barren, my mother in-law said. So are you ready to marry ifeoma, my mother-in-law replied.

Months later, when Emma hasn’t still forgetten about Irene, he wanted to get engaged to ifeoma because of his mother.

My mother in-law, ifeoma and Emma went to seek their pastors permission so that they won’t have any problems after


This two can’t get married, he will have to get back to his ex wife, they are made for each other, the pastor said.

But pastor, the woman we are talking about here is barren, my mother in-law replied. I don’t care about that, if this two get married, you will not be ready for the outcome, the pastor said.

My mother in-law and Emma started looking for Irene but they failed a lot of times until they saw her long time friend Angel and she told them where Irene was.

Hello who is there?, Irene said. Irene!!, Emma said as he hugs jet tight, I missed you so much, he added. I missed you too, Irene replied.




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