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Desperateness – Season 1 – Episode 9 [Completed]

Episode 9:



Melissa laughed again.


Lauren cried but this time in pain. The pain from her stomach was excruciating and she lay down on the floor sobbing. Melissa looked out the window and saw Steven and the Johns arriving home.


When they opened the door all three gasped. “Lauren!” Steven called out rushing to the floor.


“Oh my goodness!” Mrs. John cried.


Mr. John looked around and there was no sign of Melissa.


“What’s wrong baby?” Steven asked her stroking her face.


“It’s Melissa. She’s evil. She did this to me,” Lauren managed to barely speak.


“Melissa? Lauren are you sure? What did she do to you?”


“She k-killed me.” Steven watched Lauren close her eyes and die. He felt his tears roll down his face as he held his dead lover.


After the funeral Steven wondered about Melissa. She left so quickly without saying goodbye at least to him. The Johns did end up selling their home and moving away from the small sleepy town. Steven however decided to stay. He bought himself a small home and lived alone. The police did a heavy investigation looking for Melissa but she was never to be found. It was as if she’d disappeared from earth.


Steven put out an ad looking for a housemaid to cook for him and clean since he would spend most nights out of town because of his job. He was outside one day washing his truck and saw the strange black girl flying around his home. He couldn’t help but stare. Just then, a taxicab pulled up. A beautiful young brunette girl stepped out the car.


Her hair was long and her eyes a rich dark brown color. Her skin was very pale and she had a gorgeous little body.


“Hi, Steven John?” The girl asked.


“Yes. That’s me and you are?”


“My name is Gabriella, well Gabby for short,” she said sweetly extending her hand.


Steven took the girls hand. “Are you here for the housemaid interview?”


She nodded. “Yes. You haven’t hired anyone have you?”


He shook his head. “Nope. Care to tell me about you.”


She blushed. “Well there’s not much to tell. I’m 21 years old and I need a job.” They both laughed and stepped in the house.


They chatted a bit and Steven knew right away the girl was hired. She seemed hardworking just like Melissa had been.


That night, after dinner, Steven headed up to his room and heard a light tap on the door. He opened the door and saw Gabby standing there completely naked! Her body was beautiful and flawless. Her pink nipples were pert and she smiled as he eyed her body up and down.


“Gabby?” He said almost choking on his words.


“Steven, I’m here to please you. You will always be mine,” Gabby began as she stared deep into Steven’s eyes.


Steven became entranced by the beauty. His knees weakened and he stepped back slowly inviting her into his room. He moved closer to him and they began to kiss slowly and seductively. Their tongues roamed in each other’s mouths. Steven ran his hand up and down the young girl’s body. Her skin felt absolutely baby smooth and she smelled so good.


“Be mine Steven John. I’ve come back to get you,” Gabby whispered.


Steven looked puzzled but he couldn’t take his hands off her. “I am yours.”


Gabby continued to strip off his clothes until he was naked with her. She lay him on his bed and straddled him. “I’m going to ride your big cock Steven. I’ve missed riding it.”


Steven looked confused but he didn’t say anything. He loved the feeling of her warm tight pussy sliding over his cock. She slowly eased herself onto his cock until her pussy had swallowed it all.


“Ahh yesss! Fuck me hard!” Steven gasped.


Gabby moved her body up and down the long shaft and stared into her lover’s eyes. “I love you. I love you so much.”


Steven held on to her waist. “Gabby you barely know me.”


She giggled. “I know you well enough.” With that she tossed her head back and when she looked back at him he almost froze. It was Melissa!


“Melissa?” Steven felt his heart pounding and his cock still hard as a rock.


“Yes it’s me. Steven now we can be together.”


“Where is Gabby? Melissa! Oh God you feel good!”


Steven wanted to push her off him and call the police to have her arrested but he couldn’t. He couldn’t even move. All he could do was beg for more fucking.


“That’s right, let me keep fucking you. I want you to cum in me. Do it like you did the last time.”


“The last time?” Steven asked.


It was too late to ask more questions. Steven felt his balls tighten and his sperm began to shoot out into Melissa’s pussy. He felt gallons of cum just drowning her fuck hole.


“Ahhhhh fuck! I’m cumming! Take my cum! Oh fuck yes!” Steven cried out.


Melissa smiled and slowly slid his cock out of her pussy. “Now when I count to three you will come back to reality and you will not remember any of this.”


“But I want to remember.”


“It’s best that you don’t. At least not yet.”




“Shhh. Now 1, 2, 3,” Melissa whispered snapping her fingers.


Steven opened his eyes and realized he’d fallen asleep on his bed. He heard a light tapping on his door and opened it. There stood Gabby holding a tray for him. “Steven are you OK?” She asked concerned.


Steven rubbed his eyes. “Yeah why?”


“Just wondering because I thought I heard some screams. You were out for a while. I just came to bring you a bedtime snack.”


Steven smiled and took the cookies and milk. “Thank you Gabby.”


“Well, I’m going to bed in a while, I’ll come back for the tray in a few minutes.”


Steven nodded and watched the beauty leave. There was something about her that he felt attached to yet he couldn’t figure out what it was.


Melissa stood outside Steven’s room and leaned against the wall. She’d have to be Gabby from now on. Steven thought Melissa was dead and that was for the better. Now being Gabby she could still make him love her. She was going to make sure he wouldn’t fall in love with anyone else; otherwise they might end up like Lauren or worse. Then she’d have to transform herself all over again. It wasn’t easy being a witch.


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