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Desperateness – Season 1 – Episode 8

Episode 8:



Lauren felt Steven’s lips caressing her neck slowly and gently. He ran his tongue down her collarbone so seductively.


“Mmmm oh yes! More babe I want more of you!” Lauren cooed.


Steven got a strange scent coming from his lover. “Lauren? Did you shower when you got back form the salon?”


Lauren scoffed. “What kind of question is that to ask me while we are about to make love?”


Steven stood back looking embarrassed. “Well…you kind of smell…it’s a strange smell though. Did you use some sort of new lotion today?”


Lauren lowered her nose to smell herself. “No I didn’t. I do smell strange I must admit.”


Steven put his arms around her once again. “It’s ok. It’s not strong I still want to make love to you.”


Lauren smiled and they began to kiss.


Steven talked to his mother that night pleading her to let Melissa stay but it was impossible. Mrs. John had already made up her mind and Mr. John couldn’t do anything else but agree. Deep down he did want Melissa. She was such a tease walking around with her maid uniform that was somewhat too short for her. Her sexy smile and gorgeous eyes mesmerized him every time. He felt it was best for her to leave before she tempted him to cheat on his wife.


Steven didn’t want Melissa to leave. There was something about her that he loved so much. It wasn’t just her grace and beauty but something deeper. Every time he was around her, he felt complete, like he’d known her all his life.


Lauren paced the living room back and forth the next afternoon. She’d showered three times alone that morning and yet the stench coming from her body would not leave. She could smell it more and more everyday. She figured it was from working out too hard, but no matter how hard she washed her body, the smell remained.


She hadn’t been intimate with Steven and noticed he too was a bit thrown off by her smell. She only wondered what was going on. The only good news for her was the fact that Melissa would be leaving and finally she wouldn’t have to worry about her flirting with Steven any longer.


Lauren continued to go to the suntan salon since her tan was fading faster than usual. She loved maintaining her sexy tan glow since that was her best feature. But soon enough she didn’t want to go. The people at the salon would make strange faces at her and she knew they could smell her. Feeling embarrassed she began to just hide out in Steven’s room for the entire week.


Melissa noticed Lauren’s absence at the dinner table every night. She smiled and knew she’d gotten her revenge. It was wrong but she had to do whatever needed to be done.


“I’m getting really worried about my smell,” Lauren said nervously as she and Steven lay in bed together that Thursday night.


Steven had been in the middle of finger fucking her, when Lauren stopped him and lay back with tears coming out of her eyes.


“Why don’t you go see a doctor,” Steven suggested.


“Yeah I think I am. This is getting really bad babe. Pretty soon you won’t want to be with me.”


“Don’t say that. I love you Lauren,” Steven said sincerely kissing her forehead.


Lauren’s heart pounded hoping it wasn’t anything serious. She couldn’t afford to lose Steven. He was the best thing that had happened to her.


Dr. Gregor examined Lauren that Friday morning. Lauren sat in his office nervously waiting for the results. She hoped he would give her some kind of pill or medicine to make the stench go away.


Dr. Gregor came back almost an hour shortly holding a stack of papers in his hand. He looked frightened and pale as if he’d just seen a ghost. Melissa stared at him waiting for some type of positive answer but she knew he didn’t have any.


“Lauren, I don’t know how to say this….” His words trailed off and he looked down for a moment.


“Dr. Gregor please!” Melissa begged.


“Lauren….you’re intestines…”


Lauren gasped. “What about my intestines?”


“They looked damaged.”


“Damaged?” Lauren echoed. “What do you mean?” She stood up and grabbed the doctor’s tie.


“It’s so strange!” The doctor said as his lower lip trembled.


“What’s so strange? Tell me damnit!”


“They looked cooked! You’re intestines are cooked!” The doctor blurted out.


Lauren screamed. “Cooked! That’s crazy! What kind of doctor are you?”


Dr. Gregor moved back slowly away from her. “I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do. You only have a few hours to live. I’m so sorry…” His words trailed off and he ran out his office.


Lauren was breathing hard and felt her eyes stinging with tears of anger. It was impossible. How can anyone’s intestines be cooked? That’s something out of a horror movie. She thought about everything and remembered the tanning salon. No it wasn’t possible that getting a tan could cook your insides! That was crazy!


She ran out the doctor’s office and drove back home. It seemed Steven wasn’t there and neither were the Johns. She stepped into the house. Melissa was there standing smiling at her.


“You’re going to die Lauren,” Melissa said calmly.


Lauren’s mouth trembled as she cried. “You did this to me? Are you some kind of witch?”


Melissa laughed wickedly. “You could say that. You ruined me Lauren. Now I’m going to ruin you permanently.”


Lauren fell to the floor on her knees. “Please don’t do that! I’m sorry for everything. You can have Steven. Just let me live!”


Melissa nodded. “No. Sorry it’s too late. I’m going to have fun watching you die.”


Lauren knew it was too late. This girl was evil and there was nothing she could do about it except speak her mind. “You’re going to hell for this you..witch!”

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