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Desperateness – Season 1 – Episode 7

Episode 7:



After breakfast Mrs. John was busy looking for her car keys. Lauren managed to get her alone in the hallway.


“Mrs. John?” She began.


Anna John looked up. “Yes Lauren?”


“I need to talk to you about something. It has to do with Melissa.”


Anna looked concerned. “Yes?”


“Well,” Lauren whispered, “I think….well I think she’s flirting an awful lot with Mr. John.”


Anna frowned. “Melissa? No she wouldn’t do that. She respects me and Mr. John.”


Lauren shrugged. “Yeah I guess you’re right. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.”


Anna stayed thinking for a moment. She tried to recall all the times Melissa had been extra nice to her husband. “Well I have to get to work.” Anna said and left the house with a worried look to her face.


Melissa headed out to the park that Friday afternoon. The sun was getting ready to set and she sat at a bench alone. She thought about Steven and how much she loved him. Why did she have to fall in love with him? She didn’t want to do him any harm, but Lauren was pushing her buttons. She only hoped things would get better. No one deserved to die no matter what.


That Friday night, Melissa walked in the house tiptoeing since it was past 2 that morning. She had gone to a bar downtown for a few drinks. She wasn’t drunk but felt a bit light headed. As she was about to creep up the stairs she heard a voice.


She jumped up startled. A light came on and it was Mr. John with a plate of crackers and cheese.


“Mr. John! You scared me!” Melissa murmured.


He smiled. “I’m sorry didn’t mean to scare you. I was waiting up for you making sure you got home OK.”


Melissa sighed. “Yes I’m fine. Thank you for waiting up.”


“No problem. Would you like some?” He asked offering her a cracker with cheese.


Melissa held on to the plate. “No thanks. I better get to sleep.”


“I got hungry and Anna has no clue I’m down here. She would be furious to know I’m eating,” He laughed.


Melissa was about to respond when she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. It was Mrs. John.


“Melissa? Tom?” She asked rubbing her eyes.


“Hi honey, I was just uh,” he began.


“He heard some noises and thought it was a burglar. I just got home a few minutes ago and got kind of hungry so he found me here eating these crackers,” Melissa said saving Mr. John.


Anna felt unsure. “Is that so. Well honey come back to bed will you?”


“Yes honey,” Mr. John said and rushed upstairs.


Anna stared at Melissa silently.


“Well I better get some sleep too,” Melissa said.




“Yes Mrs. John?”


“I think you better stop being so friendly with my husband.”


Melissa gulped. “Excuse me?”


“You know what I mean. I know it wasn’t you eating the crackers. It was him. I suggest you stop having midnight talks with him.”


Melissa felt like she’d been slapped in the face. “Mrs. John I would never-”


“That’s enough Melissa. In fact I think we might not need you here much. I mean Steven is moving out and Mr. John and I are thinking of buying a new home, which will be a lot smaller and we will not need a maid.”


Melissa felt tears streaming out of her eyes. “Mrs. John I swear to you, I have nothing going on with your husband.”


“That may be, but like I said we will not be needing you longer. In fact, you may begin to pack your things. I’m giving you one weeks notice.”


She began to walk up the stairs quickly and left Melissa speechless. You will pay for this Lauren. You will pay severely Melissa promised herself.


Melissa was busy packing some of her things when Steven passed by her bedroom the next day. The John’s had gone off to play golf that morning and Lauren was at the tanning salon.


“Melissa? What are you doing?” Steven asked concerned.


Melissa didn’t respond. She kept throwing her clothes into her suitcase.


“Melissa please talk to me,” Steven begged.


Melissa took a deep breath and stared at Steven with teary eyes. “Steven I’m leaving. I cannot stay.”


Steven’s eyes widened. “Why?”


“You’re parents basically fired me. Well your mother did at least.”


“My mother? Why? What’s going on?”


“She accuses me of flirting with your father.”


Steven laughed. “But that is ridiculous!”


“Yeah I know but she will not listen to me. Steven where am I going to find another job so soon?”


“Don’t worry I’ll talk to my mom tonight. I don’t want you to go. I love you….err I love you being here.”


Melissa’s eyes were glued to his. “I love….I love being here too,” she said softly.


I want to make love to you again Steven, but the right way. I don’t want to hypnotize you again. Oh God I want you! Melissa thought to herself.


Just then, they heard Lauren pulling up the driveway. Steven looked uneasy and left the room leaving Melissa starved for his touch.


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