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Desperateness – Season 1 – Episode 6

Episode 6:



“Steven! Lauren! Come on in you are all just in time for dinner!” Mrs. John announced loudly.


Steven and Lauren entered the room quietly. It seemed they had been fighting.


“I’m not really hungry Mrs. John,” Lauren said softly.


Steven looked at the gorgeous dinner Melissa had prepared. He felt his mouth water but knew Lauren would be livid if he ate. He didn’t want to argue with her anymore.


“I’m not that hungry either mom,” Steven said forcefully.


Melissa stared hard at him. He was being manipulated by this girl. Did she have so much control over him?


“I will save it for later if you guys get hungry,” Melissa said sweetly.


“Thanks Melissa,” Steven replied smiling at the beauty.


Lauren sighed. “Well I’m going upstairs to rest for bit.” She excused herself and gave Steven a look with her eyes signaling him to follow her.


It was past 3 that morning and Melissa paced her room wondering what she should do. She’d fallen deeply in love with Steven and couldn’t take it any longer. She wanted Lauren out of his life for good. She’d have to remember her powers and how to control them. She was told when she was 5, that she had a gift. Ever since she’d dabbled a bit with her powers but each time she did, she realized they only got stronger. She’d managed to get the sexiest men by using her mind powers. She’d gotten rich, handsome men with just one look. But Steven was different, he was her soul mate, at least that’s what she felt.


Melissa heard footsteps outside of her room and opened her door to see Lauren coming out of the bathroom. She wore her dark blue silk pajamas and her hair was pinned up.


“Oh it’s you,” Melissa whispered.


Lauren narrowed her eyes at Melissa. “Yes it’s me. It’s not Steven if that’s who you were expecting.”


Melissa was shocked. “What? What do you mean?”


Lauren scoffed. “You know what I mean. I know women like you. You like Steven don’t you?”


Actually I love him, Melissa said silently. “I like him as a person but-”


“But nothing. I know you want him. Well you know what? You can’t have him. He’s mine. So if I were you, I’d stop playing slave to him and just do your job.”


“I am doing my job!” Melissa hissed.


“Yeah right. I’m sure you are. Here you are making all these meals for him that you know he loves and trying to pamper him any way you can. Well if you don’t stop, I’ll make sure they John’s fire you.”


Melissa felt so enraged. Kill her! Kill her! You have that power! She thought.


“Lauren, look Steven is my boss. I work for him that’s all.”


Lauren nodded. “Quit it already OK? I know you got a crush on Steven. It’s very obvious. Now leave him alone or else you’re out of here!”


With that Lauren sashayed back to Steven’s room and closed the door leaving Melissa furious.


The next morning Melissa hurried to get up and cook the usual breakfast for Mr. and Mrs. John. She’d overslept that morning since she stayed up half the night thinking about everything Lauren said.


“I’m sorry Mr. and Mrs. John. I kind of overslept,” Melissa apologized serving her bosses their morning coffee.


“Melissa no need to apologize you work hard,” Mr. John said smiling.


Melissa felt relieved but still felt she let her bosses down somehow. Steven and Lauren came downstairs a few minutes later. Lauren eyed Melissa with evil stares. Melissa served them both breakfast but Lauren eat only her fruit salad.


“So what are your plans for today?” Mrs. John asked the couple.


“Oh well we’re going down to the mall since Steven needs new clothes and then probably to a movie,” Lauren replied before letting Steven say anything.


“Sounds like fun,” Melissa said sarcastically.


“Melissa, it’s Friday why don’t you take the night off tonight so you can go have some fun yourself,” Mr. John said.


“That is a brilliant idea. You need a night off,” Mrs. John agreed.


Lauren gave Melissa another evil look.


“Thank you. I think I will take the night off,” Melissa said cheerfully knowing Lauren was pissed.


“Did you want to go to the movies with us?” Steven asked right away.


Lauren nudged his arm. “I think she has her own dates don’t you Melissa?”


Melissa nodded. “Yeah I do. Thank you anyway.” She smiled sweetly at Steven.

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