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Desperateness – Season 1 – Episode 5

Episode 5:



Melissa smiled trying to keep her cool. “Well then I could make something else for you.”


Lauren nodded. “No thank you. Steven said he’s taking me out to eat tonight. Isn’t that right sweetie?”


Steven hesitated at first. “Y-yes that’s right. I’m sorry Melissa we can’t eat right now.”


Melissa felt pissed off but she knew Steven was only acting this way because of Lauren. She watched the couple go up stairs and be alone. Melissa paced the room trying to control her anger. She knew bad things happened when she got angry.


Calm down damnit! Don’t let her get you upset.


“Mmmm I’ve missed you babe!” Lauren shrilled as she threw her arms around Steven once they were upstairs later on that night.


He put his arms around her tiny waist and felt his cock harden feeling her body press against his. “I’ve missed you too. I want to make love to you right now so bad Lauren.”


She giggled and reached up to kiss him. “Well, then what are you waiting for? I’m so ready to feel your cock in me again.”


Steven groaned and picked her up and laid her on his bed. She was wearing her tiny little black halter-top that unties from the back and her short white mini skirt. She kicked off her shoes and her eyes were glued to Steven.


Steven took off his shirt and pants quickly. His hands trembled with anticipation of making love to his future wife. She’d always looked so damn sexy and had always made him hard.


He lay on top of her kissing her hard. Their tongues played in each other’s mouths so passionately. Steven raised Lauren’s little body up and began to untie her top. He couldn’t wait to see her tits. They were small, but very sensual with dark pink nipples.


“Oh Lauren! Oh baby you look hot!” Steven moaned moving his mouth towards her nipples. He sucked on her nipples and gently bit them. He loved holding her nipples between his teeth and hearing her moan each time he did.


“Ahh Steven suck my nipples babe! Mmm I’m so wet!” Her voice was shaky.


Steven’s hands ran up and down Lauren’s thighs. Her skirt was pulled up to her waist. He moved her panties to the side and slid one finger in. Lauren moaned feeling the delight of Steven’s finger opening her up.


“Oooh God that feels good!” She cooed.


She was squirming all over his bed and spreading her legs wider wanting him to shove more fingers in her. If it were up to her she’d love his entire hand up her pussy. Steven was busy fingering Lauren and sucking on her tits when he heard a loud bang on the window. Lauren got startled and opened her eyes.


“What the hell was that?” She asked nervously.


Steven stood up and walked towards the window. It was the beautiful black bird at the window. Steven was suddenly mesmerized by the bird. Something about that bird was making him smile.


“It’s just a bird sweetie. It must have bumped it’s head on the window,” Steven responded.


Lauren sighed. “Oh good. It scared the shit out of me. Now come back here with me please.”


Steven felt as if he couldn’t move.


“Steven? Hello?” Lauren continued.


“Huh yes…oh I’ll be right there.” Steven replied never taking his eyes off the bird.


“Close the blinds Steven. I feel weird with that bird watching us,” Lauren said.


Steven laughed. “Oh Lauren it’s just a bird.”


Lauren felt something strange as she looked at the bird. It felt as if that was an evil bird of some type. She shrugged and called Steven again. They ended up making love that night and the entire time the bird watched them. Once they were done it flew away. It was as if it was only there to watch.


“Morning Steven,” Melissa announced as she poured him some orange juice.


“Hey morning Melissa.”


He sat on the table rubbing his eyes and yawning. Melissa watched him closely. “So you had a rough night huh?”


Steven blushed. “I guess you could say that. I’m sorry I hope we weren’t too loud last night.”


Melissa giggled. “Not at all. I’m just saying that you had a rough night because you look tired.”


Steven felt embarrassed. “Oh I see. I guess I just told you that I had sex last night.”


Melissa raised an eyebrow. “You sure did you naughty boy.”


They both laughed and continued to chat over breakfast. Lauren came downstairs a few minutes later. Her blonde hair was a mess and she had a huge smile on her face.


“Morning babe,” she said in a flirty tone putting her arms around Steven.


Melissa felt her blood boiling. “Would you like something to eat Lauren?” Melissa asked politely.


Melissa wrinkled her nose. “No not right now. I’m gonna head over to the gym for a workout and my usual tanning. Steven you coming with me right?”


Steven looked at Melissa who was busy fixing his breakfast and then back at his fiancee. “Uh..yeah of course.”


Melissa was pissed. She was cooking Steven his favorite bacon and pancakes and now he wouldn’t be able to eat them. “I’ll save these for you Steven so when you get back you can eat them if you like.” Melissa said.


“He won’t eat that. Besides I think she should start eating healthier,” Lauren said playfully gently jabbing a finger at Steven’s stomach.


Melissa didn’t respond. She watched them both leave and closed her eyes for a moment. Calm down. Don’t let her get to you. Things always get ugly when something gets to you. Melissa said to herself.

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