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Desperateness – Season 1 – Episode 4


Episode 4:



Steven laid himself down slouching on the couch and Melissa began to straddle his cock. He felt her super tight pussy swallowing up his cock. Steven tossed his head back never having felt such a tight pussy on his cock. Melissa’s eyes closed feeling her lover’s cock enter her, stretch her.


“Oh yes! Fuck you’re tight! You’re so fuckin’ tight!” Steven cried out putting his hands on Melissa’s waist and moving her little body to the rhythm of pleasuring his cock.


“Mmmmmggggghhhhmmm,” Melissa wailed out in pure ecstasy as she began to grind her pussy on Steven’s cock and soaking his cock.


Melissa’s pussy was sliding up and down her lover’s hard cock and he grabbed her tits in his hands pulling her closer to him as he sucked hard on her nipples. Steven was almost breathless never having felt such a warm pussy wrapped so tightly around his throbbing cock. It was a powerful fuck that was so true. He didn’t want this wonderful fuck to end just wanted to stay inside this girl forever.


“I love your cock Steven! I want you to cum in me lover! Plant your seed in me!” Melissa cooed.


Steven already felt close to cumming once again but he knew this time his orgasm would be extremely hard. This pussy was like no other; it was so indescribable. God if this is a dream let me never wake up! He thought.


Melissa felt herself start to climax on her lover’s cock. He’s so handsome, so innocent now he’ll be mine forever She thought wickedly. She never had intentions of putting a spell on him but she was so in love with him, she had to do it at least this once. Hopefully after tonight he would forget all of this and yet she’d always have the memory.


Steven felt his cock twitch hard and suddenly a blast of cum shot right into Melissa’s pussy. He held her body down hard as she came spurts of cum.


“Ahhhhhh fuck! Mmmmgggrrrrhhhh!” Steven cried out loudly. He’d shot his seed in her and she’d taken it all.


Melissa tossed her head back feeling her lover’s cum enter her. She too felt the room spinning as she climaxed on Steven’s hard cock that remained inside of her. Her pussy muscles tightened around Steven’s prick and she came wailing out her cries of pleasure so loud that they filled the house.


Steven felt Melissa stop moving and get up slowly letting his cock slide out of her pussy. He couldn’t believe he was still hard. She put her panties back on and her top. Steven wanted to tell her to stay naked he was so ready to fuck her again and again. At least that’s the way he felt. But he couldn’t talk, he was left silent from such a great fuck.


Melissa leaned down and gave him a nice soft kiss helping his cock back in his pants and zipping him back up. She loved the way he had came in her pussy and mouth. The taste of his cum still lingered in her mouth and she could feel his cum swimming in her belly.


“Steven I’m going to bring you back to reality. Like I said you will not remember any of this. Only I will. On the count of three. 1, 2, 3.” Melissa looked deeply into his eyes muttering strange words that made no sense.


Steven opened his eyes and he laid on his bed. He couldn’t remember how he’d gotten up to his room or even what day it was. The sun outside was already setting and he heard his parents downstairs. Feeling groggy, he got up slowly and looked down seeing his cock was hard as a rock. Oh Lauren I need you here right now! He said out loud thinking about his true love.


He went to wash up and headed downstairs while his parents had dinner. He saw Melissa serving them with a big smile on her face.


“Sweetheart it’s about time you wake up. Melissa said you been asleep since noon time.” Mrs. John announced.


Steven frowned feeling so confused. “Well I guess I have been. I don’t even remember falling asleep.”


“Well you did fall fast asleep Steven. I told you to go up to your room because you were falling asleep and then you never came back down since then.” Melissa added.


For some odd reason Steven didn’t believe he fell asleep. He still remembered watching TV and he saw visions of the fruit salad that Melissa made for him. After that, everything was still a blur.


The next day Lauren arrived to the house. It was past noontime and Melissa heard her and Steven laughing loudly in the living room. She was making them some sandwiches for lunch and heard their cheerful laughs.


She had to admit Lauren was a looker. She was taller than Melissa and with long dirty blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. Lauren looked basically like the girl next-door type. But she seemed very materialistic. Melissa could see her designer handbag and shoes. Her clothes looked expensive too. Her tanned skin was probably that way from visiting the famous tan salons Melissa had heard Steven talk about.


“So I told that woman at the shop to shut up because my shoes were better than hers,” Lauren said giggling loudly obviously telling Steven some lame story.


“Here you go. I brought you both some sandwiches,” Melissa said never taking her eyes off Steven.


“Thanks Melissa, they look good!” Steven said sweetly.


Melissa saw the look of disgust in Lauren’s face. “What kind of sandwiches are those?” She asked with a snobby tone.


“They’re ham and cheese.” Melissa replied proudly.


Lauren looked at Steven with vengeful eyes. “I’m sorry I don’t eat meat. I can’t eat these sandwiches. Sorry.”

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