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Desperateness – Season 1 – Episode 3


Episode 3:



For a moment the room was silent and Steven was just hypnotized by this girl’s beautiful face and eyes. Melissa stared hard at him and she felt her powers taking over. This is what she did not want, but it was too late. She was deeply in love with Steven and now she was going to have him whether he liked it or not.


“Melissa, you l-love me?” Steven asked nervously.


“Yes I do Steven. I’m jealous that you have Lauren coming over. I want you to myself.”


Steven felt his eyes heavy and he couldn’t take his eyes off Melissa’s. He swears she saw small swirls in her eyes hypnotizing him and making him numb. He couldn’t move and he was just entranced by Melissa.


“Melissa, what are you doing to me? What’s happening to me?” Steven asked feeling frightened yet somewhat excited.


“I’m going to love to you Steven. I’m going to love you better than any woman ever will,” She responded boldly.


She reached over and kissed Steven softly letting her lips glide on his so seductively. Steven finally closed his eyes letting this beautiful girl take complete control over him. She smelled incredible, it was an odor he’d never experienced. She moved closer to him putting her arms around him and kissing him deeper. Their tongues played with each other and Steven found his arms around Melissa’s tiny waist. She sucked hard on his tongue and he tried as hard as he could to get away but he was completely spellbound by her kisses and touch.


Her hands slid down his muscular body grabbing his cock hard from his jeans. Steven gasped hard as her hand gripped his cock.


“Mmmmggghhhh,” Steven moaned in agony and pleasure at the same time.


“Shhhh quiet now. You’re mine Steven. All mine.” Melissa whispered as she nibbled on his ear.


“Melissa no. Please stop. I have a girlfriend remember?”


She laughed wickedly. “She’s not here Steven. I am.”


Melissa began to trail kisses down Steven’s neck. He could feel her nice supple lips brushing on his skin driving him wild! Her tongue bathed him and he felt his eyes close never have enjoyed a woman’s touch so much until now. He felt her tug at his shirt until every button came undone. His chest was now bare and her hungry mouth began to kiss it and lick it. Her long dark hair traveled down his body as she got on her knees in front of him.


She looked up at him smiling devilishly. His eyes were small and full of lust now. He wanted to stop her but yet he couldn’t. He loved the control he was in. Her hands quickly found his zipper letting it almost rip as her anxious hands searched for his cock. Steven was panting not knowing what Melissa was about to do.


She stood back and took her top off and let Steven stared at her in her white lacey bra. She smiled at him as she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra letting her sexy breasts fall out. She took his breath away no doubt about that. Her nipples were huge and a dark pink color. They were erect and looked so ready to suck on.


“Do you like my tits Steven?” She asked as she arched her back showing him her beautiful big breasts.


Steven almost felt drool fall out of his mouth as he looked at a pair of the sexiest tits he’d ever seen. “Uh huh yes I like your tits. Oh fuck!” He wailed as Melissa began to pull his hard cock out of his pants.


She grabbed his cock hard in her hands and stroked it gently never taking her eyes off him. Steven tossed his head back almost squirming on the couch as her sexy touch was driving him wild!


“Oooh yes! Touch it. Stroke it. Oh God fuck it!” He panted as Melissa increased her stroking.


“You want me to suck it too?” She asked in a devious tone.


“Yes! Oh God yes! Put it in your mouth!”


She held his cock in her hand and rubbed the head of it on her lips smearing all the precum on her lips. She licked her lips tasting the salty flavor of her lover’s juice. Her supple lips quickly wrapped around the head of Steven’s cock making him grip the couch pillows hard.


“Fuck yes! Oh shove it all in your mouth, you beautiful whore!” He shouted out.


Melissa felt her heart race as he called her nasty little names. He seemed like such an innocent young man too, and now he was going to get nasty with her, just the way she wanted him.


She put his whole dick in her mouth deep down her throat. She knew how talented she was and she even managed to put his balls in her mouth as well. Her lover’s cock was drowning her mouth. She licked his balls feeling them pulse with each lick.


Steven looked down grabbing her hair and making her look up at him. His eyes were full of fire. He seemed to shove his cock deeper into her mouth almost hoping to choke her with it but she was much too powerful to choke on a cock. Her mouth was made to take big cocks like Steven’s.


“That’s right, suck it bitch. Oh fuck drink my cum because I’m gonna shoot my load in a minute now. Mmmmgggggghhhh!” He moaned loudly.


Melissa’s head bobbed back and forth savoring her lover’s taste. His pulsating cock was now beginning to twitch in her mouth and suddenly she felt the splash of warm cum spurting out of his cock and into her mouth.


“Arrrrrgggghhh ooooh fuck!” He grunted hard as he came.


She had to fight hard to swallow the huge load of cum that was floating in her mouth. The briny taste was so sexy and she couldn’t get enough of it! She slowly pulled his cock and balls out of her mouth. His breath was short and he looked down at Melissa who had a huge grin on her face as she wiped the remaining cum off her lips with her tongue.


“You’re delicious Steven. You’re so fuckin’ good!” She was crawling her way up to him.


Steven was speechless once again never having cum so hard before. No other girl had ever drunk his cum and he felt so turned on that this beauty had guzzled down all his manly juice.


“Melissa I feel so weak,” Steven said as she was starting to pull up her long dress and sliding down her white panties.


“Well after I fuck you, you’re going to fall in a deep sleep and you won’t remember any of this my love.”


“But I wanna remember it. I wanna remember it all.”


She nodded. “No it’s going to be a powerful fuck. Too powerful. Now lay back and let me love you.”


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