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Desperateness – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 9]



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Story Title: Desperateness

Episodes: 9

Category: Erotic

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Tom and Anna John were holding up in their family room to meet their new housemaid on a Monday evening. Their past house keeper Maria had worked for them for a very long time and now was all set to live with her little girl. Tom and Anna hated to see Maria leave, however they realized she needed to take care of her girl.


The couple owned an immense two-story home. It was an old house and the most lovely house in that humble community in south Texas. Most homes in the town were detached but then the neighbors actually knew each other very well.



Episode 1:



Tom peered out the window taking a gander at the quiet sky and serene climate. One thing that got his eyes was a strange dark bird flying around their nursery. It was no conventional bird. He was unable to determine what kind of bird it was nevertheless something about that bird certainly grabbed his eye. He got diverted and dismissed the bird as he heard strides. He saw a tall, slim and excellent young woman coming up to the entryway patio. The John’s raced to the entryway. The youngster was something different. She had long dull raven hair past her shoulders and the most delightful infant blue eyes possible. Before she could even thump on the entryway Tom had surged out to meet the youthful magnificence.


He felt his heart race as she took a gander at him. She grinned pleasantly at him. “Pardon me, is this the John home?” She asked in fairly Spanish accent.


Tom felt almost speechless. “Y-yes it is. Are you here for the housemaid interview?”


She nodded tossing her hair back. Tom still couldn’t take his eyes off her. He loved his wife more than anything in the world, but this girl had some strange effect on him. “Well please come in..uh..what is your name?”


She laughed softly. “My name is Melissa.”


“Well Melissa, please come in.”


She stepped into the huge house looking around and seeing Anna. Anna was a tall and slim woman in her mid 40’s. She had shoulder length red hair and piercing green eyes. Melissa had to admit that she and Tom made a really attractive couple. She sensed they’d been married a long time and still lusted after one another.


“Honey, this is Melissa. She’s here for the interview,” Tom said to his wife.


Anna got a feeling that this girl would be the one to take over as housemaid. She seemed very down to earth and although she was quite attractive, Anna felt no jealousy towards her and she somehow knew they’d be no chance of her trying to come on to Tom.


“Hello Melissa. I’m Anna John and of course you’ve met my husband Tom. Please have a seat.” Anna pointed to the brown leather couch. “So care to tell us a little about yourself?”


Melissa sat down quietly adjusting herself on the couch making sure her knee length brown skirt would not ride up. “Well let’s see, I’m 23 years old. I was originally born in Mexico City but have lived in the states since I was ten years old. My parents both passed away in a car accident when I was 17 and well I’ve been working ever since. I never really got a college education but that’s why I want to work hard, so I can get a chance to go to college.”


Anna and Tom listened to her softly spoken words. She was going to get the job that was for sure. She looked them both straight in the eyes and spoke sincerely. She went on to tell them about her previous jobs and even had brought several references.



Anna got up quickly extending her hand. “Well Melissa, congratulations. You got the job sweetie.”


Melissa’s eyes lit up and she shook Anna’s hand and Toms hand. It was time to change her ways and this time she was going to stay away from doing any harm.


Melissa worked hard always having meals prepared on time for her boss’ and the house never looked more clean. She always went out and cut fresh flowers that decorated the table nicely during dinnertime. The John’s never really talked much about their own lives, but Melissa noticed they had pictures all over their house of a very young handsome man. She’d often thought to ask them who he was but was afraid of being too nosy.


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