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DESPERATE – Season 1 – Episode 9 [Completed]

My mouth got swollen because of the unbearable pains I passed through as a
result of my tongue that was chopped off.

I didn’t see Tami and Didi again since the day they took me to the room. I
didn’t know what was going on with my mom, she must have been dead by now
from heart attack.

I waited for months and wished for a miracle to happen so I could get out
of there, but the only miracle that happened was my pregnancy.

Yes, I got pregnant and gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. I could have
been a bit consoled if I was allowed to take care of my children, but my
babies were taken away from me.

Right in front of me, the doctor and the evil woman sold my babies for two
million naira to a lady and she left with them.

Different men kept sleeping with me and I got pregnant again. I gave birth
to a baby boy and he was also sold out.

Presently, the same routine is going on everyday. I am still in the dark
room, paralyzed. I am a sex slave and a baby making machine. I am being
used to make money. I am a victim of desperation.

There are other rooms in this building that have other victims like me.
They are also facing what I’m facing. Some of them have died in the process
and are thrown away.

Tami and Didi are out again to get more victims who aren’t satisfied with
what they have.

Where is my phone? Didi has gotten it from me. She deleted my account from
Facebook and WhatsApp. She has destroyed my phone and thrown it away.
Nobody knows where I am. She and Didi are not the only agents, they are all
over the world.

I have given birth to eight children within three years, but all of them
have been sold to different people with huge sum of money. Some of these
people buy my children and use them for rituals, some to adopt them, but
most of the people buy them for sacrifice.

I am in pain, my breasts drips milk every day, but my babies are not here
to s–k them. I don’t even know their fathers.

I am pregnant again, ready to give birth, but I feel I might not make it, I
might die.

If my mother is alive, please tell her I am sorry for disobeying her. Tell
her I’ve seen the consequences of trying to be a slay queen.

Tell her I regret my actions. Tell her I’ve realized that social media can
influence someone to the extent of putting him/her in danger.

Tell her I’m passing through pains because I wasn’t satisfied with what she
gave me, I wanted more than I got.

But if she is dead, don’t bother telling her, I will soon join her. When I
meet her in the next phase of life, I will tell her everything.

If you are reading my story right now, learn from it. If you are a parent,
watch your children carefully and create a strong relationship with them so
that they can open up to you. Be their best friends and let them know the
advantages and disadvantages of social media.

If you are a young girl/boy, be careful of what you see on social media.
Don’t you dare allow anybody to influence you. Yes, they can slay, snap in
different places and have thousands of likes, but is that what life is
really all about? Is that the priority? Should that make you feel inferior?

You will be very stupid if you let anyone to influence you, yes you will be
extremely stupid. If you do, it means you don’t have direction in life, so
automatically, another person will direct you to a life you wouldn’t want
to live.

If you know what you want in life, be satisfied with it. Live it with what
you have. Wear what you have! Eat what you have! Be contented with what you
have so you won’t end up like me.

Remember, Didi and Tami are still out there, in search of another desperate
victim. Be satisfied with what you have so you won’t be their next victim.

I am still here, praying for death to take me because nothing is left for
me again.
I would have been done with my NYSC by now, probably working and making mom
proud, but I’m in the dark room, pregnant and useless. Why? Because I was


This is Fictional story written by Ima Udott

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