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DESPERATE – Season 1 – Episode 8

Didi got my phone from me. She asked me of my phone password, pattern and
Facebook password. According to her, she wanted to help me with some
settings and as well transfer some important stuff to the new phone they
bought for me.

I happily gave her my phone and all the informations she needed. While she
was busy with my phone, Tami was busy helping me to try out the new clothes
and the other things they got for me.

The nanny came in and offered me a fruit juice. As soon as I was done
drinking, I started having severe headache.

“Thank God our family doctor is still around, let me call him to come check
you,” Tami said and walked out of the room.

She came back with the doctor. He examined me and brought out some pills
for me to take.

“I don’t like drugs, I’ll throw up,” I said.

“Oh, it’s fine. Then I’ll have to give you injection,” he said, bringing
out a syringe from his kit.

“Alright,” I replied.

After taking the injection, I suddenly became very weak and dizzy. I felt
as if I was drunk. I was losing myself. Everything became blurry. I didn’t
know when I fell on the big bed and slept off, deeply.

A painful penetration in my v—-a woke me up. I opened my eyes but
couldn’t see anything because the room was dark. I felt a man on top of me.
He was moving up and down on me.

When I tried pushing him away, I realized my hands and legs were unable to
move, I was temporarily paralyzed.

I tried to shout, but realized my tongue was chopped off.
It then dawned on me that I was in danger.

I felt my blood between my legs, for I was a virgin. I cried, silently and
wished I listened to my mother.

After some minutes of rocking me, he finally reached his o—-m and
released inside of me. He then stood up and left the room.

Few minutes later, the woman who was introduced to me as a nanny came into
the room and put on the light.

I then realized it wasn’t the same room that I was, earlier. They had taken
me to another room, very isolated and hidden from the others.

She carried me up and led me to the bathroom where she washed me, took me
back to the room and wore me one of the new clothes they got for me.

She then fed me with a food I couldn’t comprehend how it tasted, for my
tongue was no longer intact.

When she was through, the doctor came in again and injected me another
liquid. Immediately, I slept off.

I was still sleeping when I felt something inside me. Another man was
having sex with me while I was sleeping and I couldn’t do anything about it
because I was paralyzed.

After he was done, I lay there like a dead person. I became a sex slave
where different men came in and slept with, after which they paid the

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