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DESPERATE – Season 1 – Episode 7

As we walked on, I began to hear footsteps but when I looked around, I
didn’t see anyone.

I was visibly scared, not until I started seeing market women with loads on
their head, coming towards us, then I knew it was their footsteps that I
heard, so I became calm.

We finally got to a tiny road where I saw a small market, I knew that was
the market those women came from.

Just when I thought we were almost at our destination, Didi entered another
bush path, more bushy and isolated than the first one.

We trekked for a long time before we finally got to a big building with a
black giant gate. It was the only house in that environment. it was
surrounded by bushes and looked quiet and isolated, but when we entered
inside the compound, it looked very big and lively, like another world.

As we approached the entrance to the house, Tami ran out and hugged me. She
looked very beautiful. She had on a pair of lemon shorts and white shirt.
She smelled really nice, just like Didi.

I looked at the mansion before me, it was huge and beautiful. I couldn’t
wait to go in and explore it.

“Your parents own this?” I asked them.

“Sure but they’re out of the country for now,” Tami replied.

I felt inferior. My house was a bungalow with just two bedrooms, but here
were my age mates, living in a mansion. I was glad to be their friends, at
least I’d be getting free gifts from them.

“Let’s take some shots joor,” Didi said and brought out her phone.

After taking the shots, they took me inside the sitting room. There, I saw
a man of about thirty years of age, seated on one of the chairs with his
legs crossed.

They introduced him to me as their family doctor who came to check on Tami
because she wasn’t feeling well.

A woman in her mid-forties was also introduced to me as their nanny. She
smiled at me before entering the kitchen.

“We have a lot of surprises for you. We have to tie your face so we can
lead you to see the surprises,” Didi said to me.

“Okay,” I giggled happily.

She tied my face with a red cloth so that
I could not see where I was going to.
They both led me up the stairs. We walked on till we got to a room.

“Take off the tie,” Didi said and I obeyed.

I saw beautiful clothes, jewelries, shoes, different colours of wigs and a
brand new phone. Just what I had been praying for.

“These are all yours,” Tami said.

I was very excited. I danced round and decided to try on the new clothes.

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