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DESPERATE – Season 1 – Episode 6

I thanked her and she pecked me before I left for my room. Only if she knew
that I wasn’t paying attention to any of what she told me, she wouldn’t
have wasted her time.

I got to my room, straight to where I charged my phone. As soon as I turned
on my data, I saw my edited photos that Didi sent to me. The pictures were
so beautiful that I became speechless.

They had edited them and made me look fairer and more beautiful than I was
in reality. I was very happy.

“Use the portrait, the one you made a strict face as your Facebook profile
picture before uploading the others.

We will send you captions for the pictures. No be all those long boring
Bible preaching wey you dey preach for caption, we go give you simple
captions wey carry vibes,” Didi said to me, using a voice message.

Again, the other girls sent laughing emojis, but I wasn’t bothered because
I was soon going to be like them.

I went to my timeline on Facebook and updated my profile picture with the
caption that Didi sent me.

It was magical. Within five minutes, I had hundred likes and fifty
comments. What surprised me most was the flooding friend requests from
handsome looking guys. Exactly what I wanted!

Before I went to bed, I had up to five hundred likes, thirty new messages
and two hundred friend requests. This is what I had been waiting for. I
felt like I was on top of the world.

I went back to the WhatsApp group and thanked Didi and Tami for their help.

“Do you now trust us?” Tami asked me.

“Sure, I trust you guys and I can’t wait to see you on Sunday so we could
take shots together,” I said.

“You don’t have to wait till Sunday, we aren’t sure of coming to church
next week. Let’s meet tomorrow so we could get you a new phone and some
hot clothes and shoes.

You are now a slay queen, you need to upload pictures on different outfits
everyday. You need to look classy like us,” Didi said.

“What will I tell my mom when she sees me wearing them?” I asked.

“Silly you! You won’t let her see them. We’d keep them in our house, each
time you come around, you wear them. We’d make you up and take you out,”
Tami said.

“And before you ask us what excuse you’d give your mom tomorrow before
going out, tell her you are going for drama rehearsals in the church,” Tami

“Alright, I will,” I said.

The next day, being Monday, I lied to mom I was going for drama rehearsals
and she allowed me. It was easier because I used to go for drama rehearsals
every Monday evening, so mom never suspected anything.

I got to the address that Didi sent to me and called her to come pick me.

She came out and hugged me before leading me to a bush path, far from the
road and the address she sent me.

“This bush looks scary, where exactly are we going to?” I asked her.

“Haba, you fear too much, we are going to my house, I’m just using this
bush track because it’s the quickest way to my house,” she replied, smiling.

As we walked on, I began to hear footsteps but when I looked around, I
didn’t see anyone.

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