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DESPERATE – Season 1 – Episode 5

The pictures looked very sexy indeed and I sent them all to the group so
that Didi and Tami could edit them for me.

“Great job! You are a very beautiful girl. When we are done editing them,
we’d send them to you to upload on Facebook.

Meanwhile, if you have your mom or any of your relatives on Facebook, make
sure you block them. Block them here as well from viewing your status,” she

I blocked mom and all my relatives that I had on social media. She wouldn’t
even notice because she didn’t like Facebook, coolval stories she rarely comes online.

While waiting for them to edit my pictures, I took my bath, charged my
phone, had my dinner and went to the sitting room where mom was watching
the television.

“How are you feeling now?” Mom asked me.

“I feel better, I don’t need the drugs anymore,” I replied, sitting on the
big chair.

She needn’t argue because she knew I hated drugs.

“If it still persists, then I’ll take you to the chemist to take
injections,” mom said.

“Alright mom, but I’m fine now”

After few minutes, I told mom I wanted to sleep and made to stand up, but
she told me to sit. I sat down, wondering what mom was about to say.

She turned down the volume of the television and told me to come sit beside
her and I did, though I was feeling uncomfortable because of what I had put
myself into. I hope she didn’t find out about the pictures I dropped on
Facebook, I thought.

“Victoria,” she began “I don’t know why my spirit keeps disturbing me to
talk to you. Is there anything you want to tell me? I’m your mother, I’m
supposed to be your best friend, so if there’s anything bothering you, you
can open up to me,” she said.

I was about opening up to her when I remembered what Didi told me. If mom
finds out, she will definitely stop me from becoming popular and moreover,
if I open up to her, she won’t be able to afford a new phone for me, she
wouldn’t want to even get it because the old one wasn’t faulty in anyway.

She wouldn’t want to buy me the kind of clothes Tami and Didi wore. She
would tell me they are indecent and that I have a lot of clothes in my
wardrobe, therefore, I should be satisfied with what I have.

So, after putting all these into consideration, I told her I wasn’t hiding
anything from her and didn’t have anything to tell her.

“It’s alright. Make sure you continue to be the good girl that I know.
Don’t let anyone influence you negatively for it won’t end you in a good

Lastly, don’t let what you see on social media influence or intimidated
you, be yourself because that is the only way you can make it in life.

I know you’re on holiday, but that doesn’t mean you should let your phone
control you, limit your stay on social media, last week, uncle Emma told me
he saw you online around 3am when you were supposed to be sleeping.

So limit the time you spend on Facebook and spend it with God, reading your
Bible and praying so that the Holy Spirit will direct you.” She finally

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