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DESPERATE – Season 1 – Episode 3

I was worried because I was more like a prisoner in the house. Mom never
let me go out. I was her only child and she was very protective of me.

As if the girl knew what was on my mind, she said

“Don’t worry about your mom, I’ll tell you how to go about it without her
finding out. We aren’t harmful, we just want to make you have fun and
become popular, that’s all”

I was calm. I smiled because I couldn’t wait to have on those beautiful
outfit and have thousands of likes and followers.

I was going to be more popular than Mhiz Shuga, Itz Sizzy and a host of
other classmates of mine that had been intimidating me with fine pictures
and many likes on their posts.

Didi and Tami, my new Facebook friends are going to make me popular, I
thought, smiling.

“So, how do I start?” I asked her.

“Okay, there is a group on WhatsApp that Tami and I belong to. There, we
will let you know everything. Drop your WhatsApp number let me add you to
the group” she said.

I sent her my WhatsApp number and she added me to the group. I noticed that
there were only girls in the group and there were about hundred of them,
all looking beautiful and classy, except for me.

It got me feeling more depressed. For goodness sake, I was eighteen and was
sure those girls were my age mates, so why was I looking different?

I went through their profile pictures, one after the other, it got me more
depressed and desperate to be like them.

Tami and Didi introduced me to the group as the new member and the other
girls welcomed me. They made me feel very special, like I was a queen.

“Victoria” Didi called me in the chat.

“Yes?” I replied

“You will have to change your Facebook username from Victoria Ekpo, it’s
too local for a slay queen,” she said.

“Okay, what should I change it to?” I asked.

“Guys, suggest some sexy names for our new slay queen,” Didi said,
referring to the other girls.

Within two minutes, the girls flooded the group with different names for me.

“I think I’ll go with Vee Kee,” Tami suggested.

“Which do you prefer?” Didi asked me.

“I love Vee Kee, it sounds perfect,” I replied.

Immediately, I changed my Facebook username to Vee Kee, and came back for
the next instruction.

“You’ll have delete all the pictures in your profile because from
henceforth, you’d be posting something different.
You have a very beautiful skin, you shouldn’t hide it, ” Tami said.

I was so happy to hear that I had a beautiful skin.

“We’ll teach you how to take sexy selfies, not those passports you’ve been
posting on Facebook,” Didi said and the others sent laughing emojis and
stickers, provoking me to be more desperate.

“My camera isn’t sharp because of the kind of phone I’m using,” I said.

“Don’t worry about that. You will send all the pictures to us, we’ll edit
them with good filters till we get you a new phone. Is your bathroom
beautiful?” Didi asked me.

Get me a new phone? I’m so loving these girls!

“Yes, I have a big and beautiful bathroom,” I replied.

“Good. Go to your bathroom with your phone, make sure you lock it so your
mom won’t see you, I’ll tell you what to do next”

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