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Demons on church street – Season 1 – Episode 8

Tola grabbed her Ipad and
followed him, his ever faithful
They were about exiting the
building when he saw a man
arguing with the policemen at
the gate.
“What’s going on there?” Adam
called to one of the officers.
“The man wants to report the
theft of his taxicab. We told him
this isn’t that kind of police
station, he’s making a fuss and
refusing to go.”
“The poor man.” Adam said
with a chuckle. “Take his
statement and send it to the
nearest station. Was his taxi
stolen around here?”
“No, he said it was stolen at
“Why is he here then?” Adam
said and waved the officer
He was about to step into his
car when his phone rang. It was
the governor.

“Hello sir!”
“Adam, I heard another body
has been found. What are you
doing about this menace?”
“Sir, we have a few leads and I
was just on my way to pursue
one of these leads.” He did not
have a lead technically, but he
was not admitting that to the

“You do your job Adam, but the
public need a little reassurance
from you. Why haven’t you given
any press conference or
anything to calm them? I think
we can all agree the Police
Chief’s press statement was a
botched attempt to repair the

He felt good the governor too
did not approve.

“Sir, I am busy with the
investigations, I really don’t have
time for the media.”

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“I was hoping you would say
that. I have a favour to ask.” The
governor wanted a favour? He
was governor, he ordered not
ask favours.

“Remember Kate?” Of course he
did, how would he not
remember the Governor’s
daughter? They had been close,
friends, before her mother had
been shot on his watch. She had
been on the news on and off for
two years, never for a good
reason. He wondered why the
governor was bringing her up.

“Yes I do sir.”

“Well, she needs a job.” Adam
stifled a laugh. The governor
was asking him for a favour
because his daughter needed a
job? She could have his job if
the governor decided so. The
governor was not the Almighty
but in the affairs of the state, he
was close. “I know what you’re
thinking Adam, and you’re right,
I can get her jobs but I want a
particular one. I want her to
work with you.”

“Sir?” He gasped.

“Remember I said I needed a
favour? She’s been in a lot of
trouble recently,you should
know and I need somebody to
watch over her.” Adam shook
his head slowly. The governor
had people, lots of them, who
would jump at the opportunity
to take care of his daughter. Her
mother had asked the same
favour seconds before she died.

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They all thought him very
responsible. He could not take
care of himself, much less
another human being.

“Sir, I’m quite surprised,
pleasantly surprised that you
think so highly of me but I don’t
think there’s anything I can do
here that hundreds of people
cannot do. The CIB isn’t exactly
what I think Kate would like.”
“Adam, I want her here in the
city, I want her under the watch
of somebody I know and I trust.
That media problem you have,
she can help there.”
“Sir, I really think you should
give more thought to this. Have
you asked her if she wants it?”
There was no way a girl like
Kate would want to work in the
“I’ll ask her. And do something
about this murderer ruining my

He leaned on the car and let out
a deep sigh. He really did not
want to be drawn back into the
Governor’s family. He had done
enough damage.

“Are you okay?” Tola asked,
breaking into his thoughts.
“I am, I think so.” There was no
way Kate would agree to come
work for him. “Let’s go see the
Ese walked faster trying to keep
the pace of her crazy partner.
She was lucky to be back in the
unit he had told her as they left
the office. She did not argue
with him but she had secretly
prayed for God to give her an
opportunity to disgrace the
condescending egoistic hunk of
meat. So far her prayer had not
been answered.
“You want to be a good
reporter, you have to learn to
walk fast.” He said over his
shoulder. Ese almost threw her
purse at him. He was trying to
make her miserable and he was
succeeding. She had been a top
reporter for a national
television, he knew it but he
was top dog here and she had
to know it. She had begged,
losing part of her dignity to get
back on the case. He had agreed
to take her with him as long as
she knew her place as his

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They were in the State
polytechnic. Richard had gotten
some information that the last
victim had been identified and
that she was a student of the
school. He had promptly called
up some contacts in the school
who had confirmed that the
victim indeed was a student of
the school. If his confidence was
anything to go by, he also knew
who to talk to about the girl.

“Ever been to this school?” He
asked, not reducing his pace.

“Yes, a few times.”
“This used to be my stomping
ground. I did a lot of damage
here.” He said with a proud

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